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One thing I love about the older generations is their approach to life. Even though many have loads of unacknowledged trauma, their outlook towards an everyday routine was designed to calm themselves, even without therapy. I have never seen my grandma add deep breathing and exercising to her to-do list. Yet, it’s easy to guess which one of us is more consistent. Among the baseless superstitions and healthy eating habits, a sentence that struck me from my conversations with her is the mantra I live by.

On the days that your mind feels tired, do something for your body. When your body wants to give up, do something for your mind.

My grandma

The connection between your mind and your body is you. Consider yourself as a bridge connecting two entities that are poles apart. As either one weakens, a sense of doom starts to set in. I’m sure many of us have experienced or witnessed stress eating and exam fever firsthand. The physical body and the mind are co-related and can be managed ably on most days by various techniques besides following this quote. 

Want to learn how to imply this on a low day? I follow three simple steps that work perfectly for me. 

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Understand the source of the feeling:

As I start to feel tired and can sense fatigue, anxiety, or being overwhelmed, I pause. I try to find out where I am receiving this from. Is it my body or my mind? Is this on a mental or physical level? Try to view the two as different parts of you. It might take a while to completely recognize which part of you is feeling low, so take it easy. If you question this at the stage where one starts to sense these feelings coming closer, the answer is easy to find.

Weigh your practical choices:

Once you know the root, you are primed to rise above it. Whatever is pulling you down, give it some rest. Allow yourself to find ways to boost the other side. It is a very difficult task to look at the practical options that are also beneficial because who would want anything other than a glass of wine on such a day?  But, in 2023, we will make better choices than self-sabotage and Netflix and chill. We will figure out options that are practical in that moment, and match with our mantra! The moment you know whether it’s your mind that needs to meditate or your body that needs to run, you’re ready to bring back the balance between your body and your mind. 

Give yourself a push:

Remember that it is okay to be hurt and want to rest, but it is not okay to be stuck in it. The push that you give to one part of yourself will automatically make you feel better—even on the worst day when it does nothing to help you heal.

I usually choose different activities each time to break the monotony. Here are a few ideas on what you can do for your mind and your body if you do choose to try this out:

  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Get creative- sing, write, draw etc
  • Read a book
  • Take time off-screen
  • Watch old photos/videos/albums
  • Refresh your favourite memories
  • Spend time in the wilderness
  • Dance
  • Workout
  • Go for a run
  • Take a walk
  • Play with kids or your pets
  • Eat something you like
  • Prepare a healthy meal and enjoy it
  • Take a long shower

Note: Each day counts, each moment counts, each effort counts and you count the most.

You all love Prakrati and its wonders- both rainbows and thunderstorms. Hi, I'm a palmist and tarot reader studying biotechnology to uncover all the mysteries of the universe that I can!