A Look Into Self Care: All Around the World

Meditation, Bullet Journaling, and Hot Baths. These simple activities practically scream out self-care. Those in society and also in social spotlights have made self-care a main priority and even very personal in their daily lives. There are different countries and cultures from all across the globe that creates and practice their own version of self-care, which can be the inspiration to add more spice into our own self-care routines. 


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Anything containing caffeine has become a part of most American lifestyles—and Sweden is definitely no exception. How Sweden does it, however, is with intention and self-care in mind. Sweden’s tradition of ‘fika’ is about taking some time out of your bust schedule to reconnect with friends and family. It’s all about relaxing and enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a warm pastry, rather than grabbing both to go in a desperate hope that the caffeine kicks in by the time you reach your afternoon lecture. Fika for one, Fika for all!



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If you have seen any episodes of Giada at Home, then you can depict all the care and time Italians take when it comes to the preparation and eating of meals. Instead of being seen as a rushed necessity, having a social meal is also about reconnecting, socializing, and taking your tie to enjoy your food. Italian dinners can take up to two hours at the most, which creates an escape from all of the stress of a long day while also being able to enjoy delicious food( especially a margarita pizza or pasta primavera) while being around friends and family. 



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Hungarians turn to enjoy hot baths in order to resolve multiple needs in their everyday lives. The hot baths do contain a wide range of positive health benefits from the water that contains sodium, calcium, magnesium, hydro-carbonate, and fluoride which are believed to create a healthy and social form of self-care as well as creating a nice environment for others to catch up and enjoy a nice hot bath. 



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You read about it and even see it on your Instagram feeds. That cozy, warm aesthetic is nothing but simple Hygge. Hygge originates from the ancient Norwegian term for wellbeing and year-round warmth and goodness. It can come from the smallest moments of being by yourself, with friends, binge reading your favorite novel, or enjoying a warm scented bath. It sounds like a perfect way to enjoy that Scandanavian serenity. 



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Self-care practices from India are quite varied and abundant. Yoga and Meditating, of course, may have all the components to influence acts of a clear mind and bringing in positivity, but that’s just the icing of the cake. Ayurveda is a type of medicinal system that may start to enter our subconsciousness. It’s based around the idea that people are made up of three different doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) and that one’s self is best served by adhering to the required principles that make up your life. Some rituals of Ayurveda may include tongue scraping, body massages, meditation, and even oil baths 


Whether it’s just taking the time to take a pause and reconnect with your inner self or even just catching up with a group of friends, these cultures, as well as our own American culture, can inspire other self-care practices and also implement different aspects of improving your wellness.