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Workout Beauty Essentials for the New You

We’re now firmly into 2018 and although I’ve already failed at some of my New Year’s resolutions (I’m never going to be able to give up chocolate, it’s an unrealistic expectation), I’ve managed to stick with one – going to the gym. Along with the majority of the population, I told myself that 2018 would be the year of fitness for me, and so far I’ve stuck to it. Going to the gym daily has meant I’ve worked out the things I need with me, and the things that are pointless for the ‘leaving the gym’ process. Often I’ll go to a lecture or to a friend’s house after, so here are my top 5 beauty essentials to take in my gym bag.  


Despite being someone who is loyal to my cleansing oil and hasn’t used anything else to remove my makeup since year 10, the gym is my exception. I always have a packet of makeup wipes with me in case I’m going somewhere after or if my mascara is all down my face (and yes, I sometimes wear mascara to the gym). My favourite wipes are the Garnier cleansing wipes as I find they are a good level of moistness (cringe) and are gentle on my skin.

Dry shampoo is super important for me as I find my hair gets pretty greasy pretty quickly when it’s been up in a ponytail, let alone with the added sweat from working out. The Collab dry shampoos are the best in my opinion as they don’t leave a grey cast in my hair, smell amazing and actually work.

My lips are dry all the time but are particularly bad at this time of year. The air conditioning in the gym doesn’t help this, so I find I need to slather on the lip balm post-workout. Burt’s Bees lip balms are cheap, nourishing and come in so many different flavours. I always pick the pomegranate as it also leaves a slightly pink tint so I look a bit more together once I leave the gym.

The last thing I always have in my gym bag is a facial mist to refresh the makeup I have on (if any) and also give my skin a bit of a boost of moisture. I always feel refreshed and much more together once I’ve spritzed my face, and my mist of choice is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It’s an absolute classic and although it is a little bit pricier, it smells amazing and makes me feel less like the sweaty mess I actually am.

Edited By Niamh Perry


Garnier makeup wipes





Collab dry shampoo: http://cdn1.feelunique.com/img/products/76513/COLAB_Original_Dry_Shampoo_200ml_1492512804.png





Burt’s Bees lip balm:









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