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Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Student homes can be a little noisy at times, to say to least. I pulled the short straw this year when landed the front bedroom on the ground floor of my student house (although, it was done fairly so I can’t really complain). After recently experiencing the worst night’s sleep ever, being woken up from people coming back from night’s out and an argument on the street that seemed to never end, I had a think about what I could do to get a better night’s sleep. I thought I’d share some of my ideas with you as I’m pretty sure everyone wakes up super grumpy from time to time because of this!

1. Fresh bed sheets

Since the foundation of a good sleep is a comfortable bed, one of the simplest things you can do is change your bed sheets often – it’s definitely worth the effort and it will make you feel cosy and at ease.

2. Invest in a pair of ear plugs and an eye mask

These items are my essentials for a good night’s sleep (just ensure your alarms on loud so you don’t accidently miss your 9am lecture – I’ve been there many times…).

3. Pillow spray

With festive season fast approaching, this could be one for the Christmas list! It’s a little pricier but has been clinically proven to improve sleep, so perhaps it’s worth it!

4. Turn off your devices

Read rather than go on your phone/laptop – the blue light from these kinds of devices tricks your mind into thinking it’s daytime, making it harder to rest. As tempting as it may be to spend hours scrolling through social media, a book will help you relax after a stressful day.

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