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SU Interview: Georgina Pittman for Activities

Georgina Pittman, a third-year English student and one of our contributors is running to be your next Activities Officer in the UoNSU Elections. We sat down with her to chat about all things elections-related…


Why did you want to run for the role?

I’ve been involved in 11 student groups and 4 committees during my time here, so I have a thorough understanding of the needs of different groups. It means I can appreciate that, although the current support systems are good, they have the potential to be great, and I would love to play a part in this progression! Having sat on the Societies Council Committee this year too, I’ve learned even more about societies and how they interweave, as well as overseeing the introduction of several new societies that I’d love to work with further. In addition, I’d love to work in events after I leave the UoN community. It’s because of this community that my career aspirations changed and I would love to be able to give something back (whilst gaining further experience) before I leave!


Can you give us a brief overview of your manifesto?

My manifesto centres around three key areas:

  1. Individuals
    1. Recognition of individual SU involvement, from SU outlets to student groups
    2. Increase opportunities to donate to charity
  2. Student Groups
    • Accreditation for student groups that don’t specifically identify as a ‘society’
    • Introduce a ‘student groups’ segment on the SU app
    • Streamline the room booking system
    • Artistic representation of student groups across the Portland Building
  3. Events
    • Welfare grading on all events
    • Incorporate financial calculator into the SU calendar of events
    • Develop a Charity Ball
    • Implement portable card payment terminals for student groups at stall events

What is your manifesto highlight?

I think the biggest area of confusion at the moment is accreditation. Nobody knows who STARS points accredit. Similarly, although not viable in their original state, several committees miss the Gold STAR cards that Martin Nguyen introduced.

I want to make the STARS scheme a more visible grading of societal achievement, whilst creating a whole new accreditation process for individual SU involvement. I want to introduce QR codes the SU app. Like a supermarket club card, every time students get involved in the SU (e.g. buying lunch in SPAR, grabbing a drink in Mooch, student group participation), they earn points. The more points you earn, the more discount codes you gain access to with recognised SU partners.


Do you prefer Crisis or Ocean?

That’s such a tough question! I love them both for different reasons.

Ocean is like one big family: the music feels familiar, the staff are really friendly and I think everybody sees Andy Hoe as a distant relative. I’m also biased because he let me decorate the club pink for my 21st! It was such a fun experience, from planning it to spending 2hrs inflating balloons and tying ribbons everywhere to getting to enjoy it for the night too.

Having said that, I have a long-term love affair with Crisis. There’s just something about it that I can’t put my finger but it’s the best midweek pick-me-up! Although, embarrassingly enough, I’ve been known to tweet Crisis so many times with song requests that the DJ now knows who I am; sorry!


Check out Georgina’s Facebook and Instagram accounts using the handle @GeorginaForActivities and keep an eye out for the hashtags: #VoteGP #EasyAs123.


You can cast your vote here from Monday 4th March: https://www.studentleaderelections.co.uk




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