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How to Make the Most of the Easter Break as a University Student

For some, if not many, of us, maintaining sufficient motivation during the month long strikes has been a challenge. And just as we’re getting back into the swing of things, the Easter holidays have come knocking!

Time away from university, physically and mentally, can either work wonders for our work ethic or make studying immensely more stressful. This being said, you don’t have to become a socially-deprived shut-in for 4 weeks to do well in your exams or produce good coursework.

Here are some helpful ways to make the most out of the Easter break, both socially and academically!


Plan days out with friends

Relish the time you have at home by planning exciting activities with friends you may only get to spend a few weeks of the year with. You may already have some alcohol-filled nights out lined up, but they can quickly become repetitive (plus you probably already go on nights out during uni anyway).

Why not plan something different, like some spa treatments, a day out shopping in a city you’ve never visited before or activities to throw you back to your younger days like a theme park, paintballing or bowling?


Make a strict revision schedule

I get it. This is supposed to be a break, but it’s important not to slip too willingly into ‘holiday mode’ because your exams and deadlines do still exist. Dedicating specific time slots in the day to your revision and coursework will help keep you on track.

I would recommend devising two timetables; the first in a calendar format, spanning from now until your deadlines/exam dates, providing a visual representation of the number of days you have to prepare so you can pencil in enough revision time for every module, and one detailing specific daily or weekly tasks, readings and topics you want to cover within modules.


Do things you didn’t have time for during term

Even if the last tip left you disheartened, remember you ARE on a break – so enjoy it! Revision sessions lasting a few hours a day still leaves plenty of time to relax compared to term-time.

Make time for at least one fun or relaxing activity you felt you couldn’t do during term  and prioritize it just as much as studying. Catch up on a TV/film series, play video games, finish that book you’ve been putting off, or spend more time at the gym. All in moderation of course!

Taking some ‘me time’ when you’re a student shouldn’t make you feel guilty – it’s just as crucial for your mental health and academic success as revision. 


Your relatives are around – take advantage of them!

This sounds borderline exploitative, but what I mean by this is students who go home for the holidays can usually ask parents, relatives or others not directly linked to your university life for additional support during your studies.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, ask for revision tips, and even convince them to sit and listen to you read out your coursework drafts, practise oral presentations, or test your knowledge daily or weekly with your freshly-made revision flashcards!


Make some extra money

This tip may not be ideal for those who are considerably behind and are relying on the holidays to catch up on revision, but if you feel you could pick up a temp job during the Easter break and make a few extra pounds to see you through the rest of the academic year (or just to splash on social events or clothes) it’s definitely worth your time. Plus, if it’s a casual job it can be a great way to get your mind off of studying for a few hours, make some new friends and keep fit!














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