GBBO’s Best Innuendos: A Definitive Ranking

Whilst the iconic British television show may have switched channels this year, the classic innuendos are still there along with Paul Hollywood handshakes and a few soggy bottoms. We count down our favourites!


8. “Can you grab my jugs?”

We all know that Candice 100% meant this one. Just look at that smirk. You and your lipstick have made it to 8th place my friend.

7. Soggy Bottom

An oldie but a goodie. Though it may not be the same without Mary, this joke is likely to keep the nation laughing for years to come. Maybe a few years ago it would have come higher in the rankings, but due to overuse it comes in at a respectable 7th place.

6. Mary: “I’ve had many sausage rolls in my time”

Sue: “I bet you have”

From soggy bottoms to sausage rolls, we already knew Mary had a cheeky side and this little quip between her and Sue only confirmed our suspicions. She comes in 6th, which I hear is her favourite number.

5. “Bare Bottom”

When the technical challenge was tea cakes and the bakers were told they didn’t have to put chocolate on the base, the phrase ‘bare bottoms’ was shouted around the tent with reckless abandon. Our favourite joke came from Noel who said, "If there’s an opportunity for exposed bottoms we should embrace it”.

4. Julia’s Snail

Just like Paul, we were in tears at this accidental innuendo, and the fact it came from lovely innocent Julia makes it all the funnier. However, as its not technically an innuendo and lacks any subtlety, it’s in 4th position.

3. Sophie’s Bottle Top

Arguably better than Julia’s snail, week 2 saw another suspicious and giggle-inducing bake from Sophie.

2. "I'm ganaching my buns"

Though she may be infamous for Baked Alaska gate (couldn’t write an article about GBBO without mentioning it) Diana came out with one of the many bun jokes we’ve seen on the show. Representing all the bun jokers in GBBO history, Diana steals second place. Unfortunately, we don’t think any amount of ganache can glaze over the error of her ways.

1. "I don’t want wonky balls”

Even if he hadn’t cracked a single joke, lovely Liam would have still topped the list (#justice4liam). But with this little quip he has cemented his place as the nation’s winner and confirmed that Bake Off is just as good as it ever was, despite the snakey (or perhaps ‘sneaky’?) move and lack of Mary B <3

Edited by Tia Ralhan

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