Ways to Beat Midterm Stress

Midterms are just around the corner, so here are seven ways you can relieve stress on the Notre Dame campus.

1. First and foremost, follow the advice of the beloved Tom Haverford: Treat yo’self This tip requires little explanation. Taking the time to get a treat forces you to take a study break and will add a bit of positive energy and excitement to your day. I personally love trying the new seasonal Starbucks drinks. If you are looking for a little caffeine boost, try a classic pumpkin spice latte. If you are looking for a nutritious meal, try lunch at Modern Market in the Duncan Student Center. You will then be all ready to crack open the books.

2. Netflix Yes, I am encouraging you to watch more television. Go ahead and binge-watch your favorite show or cozy up to a great movie. The distraction may be just what you need to return to your work with greater focus.

3. Vary your study locations The Notre Dame campus provides so many cool places to study. If you are looking for a quiet space away from the crowds, I recommend the booths in the basement of LaFun. If you are looking for a quiet space where you’re sure to run into a bunch of your friends, try the Hesburgh library. If you’re choosing the non-quiet route, but still need to get stuff done, try the Duncan Student Center. Duncan provides booths, tables, couches, lounge chairs, bleachers—basically, any kind of furniture you can think of. The atmosphere is the perfect combination of action and studiousness.

4. Exercise The Smith Center in Duncan Student Center has an incredible gym with more machines than you can imagine. There’s also a track on the top floor to rack up the miles when the fall weather gets too chilly to run around the lakes.

5. Stay organized This applies to both your study space and your time. Keeping my workspace neat always helps me feel on top of my game. Like all I need to do is open a book. It’s also important to stay on top of your deadlines and test dates.

6. Take a moment to pray at the Grotto We all know this magical place as one of Notre Dame’s trademarks. If you are feeling stressed, head down to the grotto and enjoy some peace and quiet. Sometimes a quick time of reflection is all you need to put everything in perspective.

7. Breathe Go ahead and take a big breath and slowly exhale. This is an instant relaxer. If you want to really up your breathing game, fill your room with the scent from essential oils. My favorite scent is mint—if you are stressed, allow yourself to absorb your favorite scent to add some relaxation to your crazy week. While I realize that this tip is not specific to Notre Dame, it’s still a good reminder that we all need to just chill out and breathe.

Good luck to everyone on their midterms!


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