Starting the Semester with Self-Care

Three weeks into the semester is about when the reality of school hits. Beyond realizing I probably won’t have time to binge watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for a while, I’ve noticed that the self-care resolutions I make every semester usually don’t stick past this turning point.  To hold myself accountable (and to find an excuse for using entirely Rachel Berry gifs), here are the 4 self-care techniques I want to ~actually~ be using come May.


Regular Exercise


Walking to Duncan during the Spring semester is definitely not easy, but I always forget there’s a fully-equipped gym right in my dorm.  Not only does exercise make you feel better overall, but it can also have secondhand benefits like serving as a productive study break. Even better--hit the gym with your friends!



Face Masks


Few things in life are more tempting than Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale. Naturally, I end up with a massive amount of face masks that I’m very unlikely to use.  Rather than letting them sit underneath my sink, I see this semester as an opportunity to share with my friends and attempt to fix the dryness of winter all in one.




Journaling every day was so cathartic to me in high school, but when I got to college I told myself I was “too busy” and really didn’t need to write anymore.  I noticed that journaling was missing from my life, however, and started back up this semester. So far, I see a difference in my ability to take a pause and be mindful--if only for a few minutes.  I love picking out cute journals to motivate my writing, too.


Sleep Schedule


I would get 5 hours of sleep per night if I could function, but I really do need 8.  This is easier to achieve before the semester picks up, but midterm season never fails to destroy my sleep patterns. However, aiming to get a full night of sleep (even if I fall short) helps me to maintain a strong routine.


From talking on the phone with someone from home to less glamorous self-care tricks like wearing your retainer, it’s the little things that add up to make a big impact. Find what works for you, and use those techniques to live your very best life!


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