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The Power of Female Friendship

We are living in a time where women are changing the world. From philanthropic empires to the most innovative and ambitious businesses, women are succeeding in all areas; and this success needs to be used to uplift each other. Throughout different platforms across the web, women have started to create a community of friendship where they hope to encourage, empower, inspire and inform other women. These platforms serve as a way to help build each other up by sharing our knowledge, experience and thoughts. Platforms like Her Campus, where women’s voices are not silenced but rather celebrated, help women support each other rather than compete against each other.

Here are three platforms started by women for women that touch upon different topics that are present in all of our lives:


Best for: networking and career advice.

I joined Girlboss a few weeks ago and it truly is the “Linked in for women.” This platform aims to connect women in a professional network but on a more personal and friend-like way. It steps away from the resume framework and gives women the opportunity to express their dreams, aspirations and passions even if they don’t have any experience.

Blood and Milk

Best for: answering questions you were too afraid to ask or never thought of asking.

Described as a “community for the awakening woman”, this aesthetically elegant and simple website does exactly that. Blood and Milk aims to fight against the oppression of women by shining a light on topics that influence the way women exist in their female bodies. From empowering stories and inclusive advice about sex, body, menstruation and more, Blood and Milk is a powerful platform to get to know yourself better as a woman.

The Chalkboard Magazine 

Best for: health and nutrition.

The Chalkboard Magazine combines natural living, eating and health with a close focus on design. This magazine aims to make “living well” something beautiful through visually stylish designs of food, fashion and wellness. So, if you’re into design, clean eating and mind-body balance, this website is perfect for you.

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Alexia Torrico

Notre Dame '21

Hola! My name is Alexia and I am a Senior Finance major and Collaborative Innovation minor at Notre Dame. I am so excited to experience college through my writing!
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