Pink Week: 5 Very Empowering Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow to Add Some Pink to Your Feed

Instagram culture is a weird thing, and the amount of time I spend on the app is honestly scary. The platform promotes a comparison culture that is really easy to get caught up in as you aimlessly scroll through perfectly curated pictures.


BUT, Instagram can also be really uplifting! I use Instagram so much that I decided to use it as a tool for inspiration and empowerment, too. Here are 5 of my favorite accounts that make me want to get up and take over the world every damn day.

  1. 1. @AllThingsLillyAnn

    Lilly Ann is honestly my girl crush. She’s this very quirky, empowering, 20-year-old business woman who has inspired me to reclaim the color pink as both feminine and strong, because those two words were never mutually exclusive anyway! The focus of her freelance art work is to motivate and inspire women, so her feed is full of the cutest digital illustrations that have actually found themselves on my dorm room walls this year.  She posts every day and her posts always remind me to work hard and DO THE THINGS, but also remind me about the importance of taking care of myself so that I can really give the best of myself to my goals. Honestly 10/10 would recommend.

  2. 2. @BelovedBlessedArt

    This account is actually a religious one! I know it may not be for everyone, but Malia Tait, the awesome artsy woman behind the account, posts the cutest illustrations depicting very empowering quotes from Catholic saints. Whenever I see one of her illustrations on my feed, it’s almost like a small moment of prayer (regardless of how small this moment might be). They really help me slow my scroll and I truly believe that these little moments of prayer can be so enriching for our interior life. Sometimes, they just help to remind me that I am so loved!

    Definitely recommend to all my religious, spiritual, or even curious girls.

  3. 3. @ATribeOfWomen

    Just looking at @atribeofwomen’s feed makes you feel good! The account was actually made as a platform for A Tribe of Women’s blog which focuses on sharing stories of incredible women in hopes of empowering other women! Rather than posting the blog posts on Instagram though, the account reposts art and designs by women that serve to lift you up and promote the digital artists of Instagram. Pulling from so many different sources, @atribeofwomen really captures every dimension of womanhood. In addition, a lot of the artists they repost are really dope and will be sure to make your timeline much cooler.

  4. 4. @QuotesByChristie

    @quotesbychristie is actually a classic. Christie is a graphic designer and posts a ton of quotes in re-postable fonts and colors that can really up your insta-story game. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, her quote illustrations are the perfect pick-me-up or harsh wake-up call when I need to keep the #grind going.

  5. 5. @LauraJaneIllustrations

    Laura Jane’s feed is full of pastel pink and yellow and reminds me to take care of myself! Mental health and self-care is so important, and having little reminders to take care of myself, to be grateful and to remember I am capable can go a really long way when I need it. She focuses on being positive and works to share “daily pops of positivity" (and she's really killing it). Her account just radiates sunshine, and when the ND permacloud hits, some sunshine is so needed!

    P.S. check out this ~super relevant~ post about breast cancer awareness for this month!

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