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How to Stay Motivated When the Cold Hits

The day has come when you can no longer head to class without your coat.  Hello boots, scarves, and sweaters. You crave a cup of hot tea. The outdoors frighten you—curling up with a blanket sounds like bliss.

Cue the cold weather season.

When the temperatures drop below freezing (yes, ladies it’s coming), the last thing you want to do is work out. Staying healthy? How about staying warm? The idea of running outside, or making your way to The Rock or Rolfs, has no appeal. The thought of eating raw,  healthy foods that you normally enjoy, doesn’t tempt—pasta, on the other hand… Even if you are a workout guru, be honest, that freezing weather does not necessarily motivate your workout routine. Plus, you’re buried underneath those engulfing sweaters and puffy coats—no one’s going to notice that size 2 buried under all that.

Don’t think this way! Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you have a free pass to let your fitness and health routine slack. Don’t let all that time and effort you dedicated to your summer workout and diet go to waste (#tbt to the days of running in shorts and eating fresh summer fruit).

Here are my tips for staying motivated when the cold weather hits the Bend.

You got this!

1. Sign up for workout classes at The Rock and Rolfs

The Rock and Rolfs offer spinning, kickboxing, and yoga classes—to name a few. The fact that you have to be there at a designated time actually forces you to leave the comfort of the heated building and head to the gym.

2. Mix up your workout routine.

Running on the treadmill or doing the elliptical can get old. Add some variety. Maybe swim one day, or go play tennis on the indoor courts!

3. Look for off-campus fitness options.

There are some great workout options outside of the Notre Dame bubble. Look into places like Solace Yoga Studio and B Present Studio for yoga and barre classes. They some times offer student discounts!

4. Treat yourself to healthy eats.

Once again, South Bend will surprise you. Try out the new juicery, Rein, located right on South Bend Avenue across from Martin’s. They have an incredible juice and smoothie bar.

Restaurants like Cre-Asian offer great healthy meal options. Plus, it’s really close to campus—just off Ironwood.

5. Get creative at the DH.

When it’s cold outside, we crave comfort foods—pastas, pizzas, stews, and hot sandwiches. Ahhh CARBS, CARBS, CARBS! This requires will power, but we can all do this together. Use the bread-thins instead of slices of bread, scoop only a small amount of rice in your stir-fry (or, use tofu instead and go rice-less), and cut back on the cereal here and there.

Pair pesto with quinoa, invent new salad recipes, and try the veggie soup and grilled vegetables. There are plenty of options to steer your craving before you reach a carb overload.

6. Update your playlist.

A good playlist is essential to working out. You’re probably bored of the playlists you have, so update your music library. Download the new TSwift album and hit the elliptical. Or ask your friends to make you a CD.

7. Splurge on those new Nikes.

Have you had your eyes set on those fun new Nikes? Go ahead, splurge! You’ll want to show them off, and where better than the gym? Maybe do a little online shopping at Lululemon too while you’re at it.

8. Download fitness apps.

If you’re running out of quick workouts, app routines, or cool down methods, then look into downloading fitness apps like the Nike Training Club app or sporting the FitBit.

9. Think ahead. 

Imagine yourself lying on a beach over Spring Break, and the idea of you wearing a bikini all week will definitely keep you motivated from now until March!

We can do this, ladies!

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My name is Kit Loughran. I'm a junior Marketing and Journalism double-major at Notre Dame.
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