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I’m obsessed with this picture I took while running around the lakes!

I was born to run, just like Bruce Springsteen. Okay, not really.  In the past the most I ran was from the couch to the kitchen during a commercial break or across my house to answer the phone before the machine picked it up. Of course, that was before On Demand and Netflix existed. Now I just walk to the kitchen because I can pause my television whenever I want. But anyways, when I’m not being a gluttonous slob, I actually run, like, in public, with running shoes and all!

In high school I scoffed at people who said they ran just for fun. Who would ever put their body through miles of gross huffing and puffing and say that they enjoy it? EW. I was devoted to never giving in to the ritualistic practice of running. To be honest, I didn’t have the physical stamina or motivation to put on a pair of running shoes. I admired my runner friends who spent hours on the track, wearing down their shoes and getting not so cute sock tan lines.

Now, I’m not really sure who I’ve become. I love running more than I love eating some days. I think I may just have an obsessive personality. But, I suppose being obsessed with running and exercising is better than being obsessed with eating. Whoops, I’m addicted to that as well.

Okay, my fellow sedentary couch potatoes, I’m here to tell you there is something greater than sitting on your butt all day watching four seasons of The Office at a time and eating ice cream. Okay, that’s a lie, what could possibly be better than that (read: my winter break)?

But honestly, now I almost understand what my friends mean when they’re on a runner’s high. Although, it’s probably just the caffeine reacting with my brain that’s making me super jittery. Last semester I consumed at least eight cups of espresso during finals then went running and broke my PR with an under-eight-minute mile. Okay, I know that isn’t very impressive, but I was excited. Afterwards my heart felt like it was going to explode and I’m pretty sure I almost went into cardiac arrest, but it was worth it.

It’s so fun to set goals and set personal records while running, or even just going for a quick run to clear my mind when I’m stressed out. I never understood how my cross-country friends in high school liked running so much, because it was literally the last thing I would ever do. But now, I would take a run around the lakes before a gym sesh any day. Never underestimate the capabilities of your body. Running is all mental. Just when I think I can’t possibly break my personal record (PR), I tell my brain to shut up and sprint that last 10 seconds to personal victory.

Author’s Note: I haven’t actually read Born to Run, the book in the thumbnail, but I’ve been told it’s a stellar book by multiple sources and a must read!


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