5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout in the Winter

Whenever it gets cold out, I find myself starting to lose motivation when it comes to my workout routine. The thought of staying in my warm bed is so much more appealing than getting up and walking through the frigid air to get to the gym. Days are darker and shorter, the comfort food seems to be around every corner and finals are creeping up like no other. Winter and life don’t always have to be a pain!! Here are 5 ways to make it easier to stay motivated to keep up with your fitness routine during the winter (so you can eat all the comfort food you want, and still feel amazing): 


  1. 1. Find a cute workout outfit that’s comfortable and makes you feel your best! 

    There are so many cute athleisure brands that are affordable and perfect for working out. Whether it’s low intensity or high intensity, there’s always clothing made for your specific routine. Having cute outfits will help you find the motivation to get dressed and feel confident so you can release those endorphins and perform at your best.

  2. 2. Pack a gym bag the night before

    Waking up and having to get all of your stuff together is a PAIN. If you pack a bag the night before, it makes it 100 times easier to just grab it and go, without any second guessing.

  3. 3. Schedule times to workout the week ahead

    Planning ahead and setting aside time to focus on your physical and mental health is crucial to keeping up with your fitness routine. Looking through your schedule that week and finding time to prioritize a workout can play a major role in staying motivated. I also find that it’s much easier to workout in the morning (even though waking up early can suck) because you don’t have as much time to think about it. By setting a time and sticking to it, you’ll not only feel good about working out but also you’ll feel proud of yourself for keeping your own promises.

  4. 4. Go with a friend!

    Going to the gym with a friend makes it so much easier to stay motivated. You’ll feel more obligated to go, and less likely to cancel. It also makes the workout much more enjoyable since someone is going through the process with you.

  5. 5. Treat yourself after!

    Thank the lord the workout is over! Make the plan to grab a coffee, juice or smoothie afterwards. It’ll give you something to look forward to, and you can consider it as a reward for sticking to your plan. Treat yourself!

Hope my tips help you keep up with your fitness grind! Winter is coming. 


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