14th Annual Holy Half Marathon

April 7th, 2018 marked the 14th annual Holy Half Marathon here on campus. For those who don’t know, the Holy Half is a half-marathon put on by Notre Dame, and the course takes runners all around campus. Over 1,700 runners from Notre Dame, Holy Cross, Saint Mary’s, the South Bend area, and the Notre Dame community worldwide participate in this annual event. All proceeds from the run go to a charity, making the run and community bonding even greater. Though a half-marathon seems like a daunting task, the Holy Half has become a great Notre Dame tradition in which everyone should try to participate, whether that is running, volunteering, or cheering.

The route runners take for the Holy Half is absolutely beautiful. It spans both lakes and goes around all of the quads, so there are many opportunities to see all of the beauties that Notre Dame’s campus has to offer. Also, this makes a perfect opportunity for people from all around campus to go outside and cheer because you can really cheer on from anywhere. Running the half marathon makes you see the campus from a new perspective.

Another great part about this run is the community aspect. A lot of the runners are students, and most of the rest are alumni, faculty, family members, or other members of the Notre Dame network. People run the Holy Half because it is a part of Notre Dame. I know I really only registered for this half marathon because it was right here on campus, and I knew other people running it too. Also, everyone who is volunteering or cheering on the runners are supporting those members of the Notre Dame family. It truly is a community event.

13.1 miles may seem like a lot. But, if you think about it, it is doable. Training might be necessary, but it is a good workout and helps you accomplish a great goal. There is also the 10k for those who are not quite up to half-marathon level yet, which is just as exciting. Or, if you’re not running, you only have to stand outside for a few hours to cheer on the runners. It is a great way to start your Saturday morning.

I actually ran this half marathon, and I absolutely loved it. I wasn’t a big runner before, so the training was hard and long. That being said, I am so glad I did it. It was a mentally tough time, but it was so worth it. No matter how good you are at running right now, you can train to get there. Or, if you know you are not a runner, I highly recommend participating in some other aspect, such as volunteering to work a water station, or just standing outside and cheering on all of the runners. The 13.1 miles go a lot faster when you have a campus full of people cheering you on to the finish line. Everyone should participate in some way in such a great Notre Dame event.

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