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The Ultimate Guide to “Feel Good, Do Good”

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

My first quarter as a college freshman was a rude awakening when I learned how easy it is to not prioritize my well–being. In effect, this translated into my mental health and grades. Therefore, I came into winter quarter with a new motto: “Feel good, do good.” There have been drastic changes in my life for the better, so I would love to share how this new mentality made my winter quarter more doable and to prepare you for spring quarter.

Before I leave my dorm, I always try to make my bed because it’s an easy way for my room to feel neater.  Most days I like to get breakfast once it’s 10:30 a.m. Some form of food in my system really does make a difference to start my day with energy — food is truly fuel. The night before my day, I try to plan a nice outfit. I understand how easy it is to fall into the hole of repeating the same pair of comfy sweatpants, but even a workout set could go a long way to feel and look put together. Leading into the subject of working out, it’s not necessary to feel or look good, but a run or walk on the Lakefill blasting music in your headphones is a nice way to take a second and separate yourself from any work that could be overwhelming.

  I love being that person who walks by and makes people think about how good I smell. Have a favorite perfume; I personally go for a fresh-smelling perfume like Dossier Aquatic Peony or Glossier You. When I put on perfume, I make sure to put Vaseline on the places I spray because that helps it last longer throughout the day. After a long day, I use Tree Hut’s Hibiscus Body Scrub. My body has never felt smoother, but make sure to only use it about two times during the week, because it could dry out your skin if overused.  Also, lotion was my best friend this winter, so I recommend Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream or Body Butter. 

Overall, this winter quarter wouldn’t have been so successful without my current friends and the friends I continue to make on campus. Therefore, I encourage other students to keep putting themselves out there and not sticking to one friend group. Talk to the person in your big lecture (trust me, it’s totally normal and helpful) and join a club. Friendships with others are the true key to the “feel good, do good” mentality. 

Anaya Roman

Northwestern '27

Anaya Roman is from Chicago, IL. She loves having brunch dates with friends at Evanston restaurants such as Fridas.