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My Introduction to the World of Healing Crystals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

When I think of the most ideal version of myself, I picture a version of me who is well-versed in spirituality, astrology and meditation. Each day, I am taking strides to be a person who is self-sufficient and able to find solace and comfort in something slightly magical. When I went to browse shops in Andersonville last weekend, I took a huge step in the right direction when I picked up my first couple of healing crystals.

I walked around slowly in Foursided, a bright and miscellaneous store that specializes in knick-knacks and photo framing. In the corner of my eye by the cash register, I saw the sparkle of a grid of gemstones that drew me closer. I glanced into the mix of smooth, jagged, shimmering and colorful gemstones. I was in a daze.

There were small bins each filled with a different stone, and each was labeled with a card that had bubbly calligraphy which said what kind of stone I was looking at, and what main healing property each harnesses. After gazing at and touching a dozen different kinds of stones, I decided I wanted the amethyst, which “fights anxiety,” and the rose quartz which simply said “love.”

Then, I rolled a few of the two types of stones in my hands, turning them over and over and testing what they felt like in my palm. I picked a blush pink rose quartz and a violet amethyst that felt like they belonged in my hand.

While checking out, I asked the trendy and bohemian-dressed cashiers about the crystals.

“How do they work? What’s the idea behind them?” I asked.

“The rose quartz helps me so much with headaches and when I hold the amethyst, I feel calm. You have to just remember that these stones are not an accident; the right pressures after hundreds of years went together in the perfect way for them to be formed, “ one responded. “Don’t underestimate their power.”

I was so inspired by the idea that a physical miracle occurred for the stone I was grasping to come into existence. The amethyst and rose quartz have become forms of stress relief for me. I rotate them between my fingers and squeeze their smooth and compact entities when I feel like I need to do something with my hands. I keep noticing little imperfections and qualities in the stones that tie me closer to them. For example, when I hold my amethyst in a specific position, I can see a little rainbow glowing in a dent under its surface. Whenever I see the subtle gleaming colors, I remind myself that everything falls into place as it should.

Healing crystals are a real thing. There’s a huge population of people who regularly get crystal facials, giant crystals for their homes, and crystal charms in hopes of finessing the energy of the earth, the sun, the moon and the ocean.

Reaping benefits from crystals is as much a mental experience as it is a physical result. Seasoned crystal users suggest that new owners should set their intentions before getting their hands on the gemstones.

The purpose of the crystals is different for every person, but the main philosophy is that the powerful stones are able to connect us to the earth. They are tangible pieces of the planet that are said to have vibrations, which help to emphasize our own positive vibes and energy. Historically, crystals have been used since the beginning of time. They have been used as jewelry, peace offerings and protective talismans.

Thoughts are vibrations of their own, and to quiet these, many believe it is possible to use crystals to shake off their thought vibrations and negative energy to connect them to the solid earth’s vibrations instead.

You might be wondering, “Well, have your crystals worked?” The answer to that is, I’m not sure yet. I am new to crystals, and I am just learning the basics of their benefits and how to access them.

I can tell you, though, that they definitely give me something meaningful to do with my hands when I’m anxious. Just the thought of holding something that has alleged powers makes me feel calm and as if I’m putting my mood and faith in the hands of something bigger and more powerful than myself. It reminds me that everything will be okay.

This could be a positive attribute to the crystals, or potentially the opposite. I can’t let myself surrender and say that my crystals will deal with my problems for me. However, they are able to provide me with the right positive energy to push me in the correct direction.  

As a person who doesn’t know how she feels about a higher power, it is helpful to behold these crystals that have had scientific and spiritual histories of success. I am keeping my mind and my palms open when it comes to the benefits of my healing crystals.