Beginner's Guide to Using CBD

Growing up in Los Angeles has made me somewhat immune to all the gossip and buzzwords surrounding CBD. Health gurus, Instagram influencers and even medical professionals heap praise for the alleged marijuana miracle worker. If you haven’t seen Kim Kardashian’s CBD baby shower please check it out now. It just goes to show how big the hype is surrounding this drug. CBD, abbreviated for cannabidiol, is a component found in the cannabis flower. CBD is not THC, which is the compound in cannabis that is associated with the high feeling that marijuana is known for. CBD is known to have many health benefits that range from reducing acne to calming anxiety to combating autoimmune diseases.

I have been using different types of CBD products for the past few years and am still somewhat skeptical of the healing properties associated with this oil. I am a strong believer in the placebo and I can never tell if my CBD balm is making me feel better or if there is a psychological explanation.

I am someone who suffers from anxiety. I have tried meditation, human-made prescriptions, essential oils and therapy. I have only started using CBD recently to mitigate my anxiety, but I do generally feel more relaxed and a little less uptight. Once again, this could be chalked up to my powerful brain convincing me that I feel better or it could actually be that CBD is a miracle worker.

There have been many studies proving that CBD can reduce anxiety in humans and pets, but it’s not for everyone. If you are interested in trying CBD for its health benefits, here is my beginner’s guide to CBD:


There are a plethora of CBD gummies out in the world, and it is overwhelming to know where to start. My criteria for finding the right gummies are as follows: quality, taste and quantity. It is important to know where your CBD is coming from. Any labeled CBD gummies are most likely safe, but I always like to read reviews about where the oil is coming from. Taste is another crucial component. While CBD does not contain THC (the compound that makes you high), it still comes from cannabis and therefore can sometimes taste like weed. Don’t freak out, this is normal. With that said, I prefer a gummy that is not too strong or pungent. A weedy aftertaste is expected and sometimes appreciated, but the milder the better. Quantity is also something to take into account. By quantity, I mean how many gummies you get for the price you pay and how many milligrams each gummy is. It is standard to take around 10mg to 30mg gummies one to three times a day. If you have never used CBD before, err on the side of taking a lower dose.

Lab to Beauty The Good Gummies

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies


If gummies aren’t your jam, don’t worry. CBD products take many forms, and one of the classics is oil. Oil can be used to mix into water or your favorite green juice, or as a topical remedy. Oils are good for anxiety, muscle soreness and so much more. I mainly use CBD oil for concentrated muscle soreness, and trust me, it works. Here are two different types of oils, one used for anxiety and the other used to relieve pain.  


Super Good Vibes, by Sabaidee (Best for Anxiety)

NULeaf Naturals CBD Oil ​


Balms, lotions and roll-ons are another great topical option to get your CBD fix. I have used balms and roll-ons for muscle pain as well as menstrual cramps and they work like a charm. I have never tried CBD lotion but I am sure it is just as good – who wouldn’t want to moisturize and relieve pain at the same time?

Cedar Citrus Balm by Lazarus Naturals 

Full Spectrum Hemp Lotion by Panther Wellness

Topical Roll On by Xternal

Other Fun Goodies:

Now if you’re like me and going through a CBD craze, you’ll want to buy anything and everything that mentions the keywords, hemp, cannabis or CBD. Here are some other fun products that you can try or gift to your friends!

CBD Infused Tea by KickBack 

Bath Bombs by Kush Queen


Calm Pen by Dosist

Don't let this pen scare you. It is compact, cute and easy to use. You will also definitely feel results more immediately then with other CBD products. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy treating yourself to some well-deserved chillout time.