7 Shows Like 'The Great British Bake Off'

If you consider yourself a cooking show connoisseur like I do, then you’ll already know that early last month Netflix blessed us with two more seasons of The Great British Bake Off. For anyone who hasn’t seen the show, it’s only one of the most wholesome, soothing and funny baking competitions ever on the BBC. Unlike typical American cooking competitions, Bake Off is incredibly relaxed and the competitors always have a sense of family among them and manage to help each other out. (I know I’m not the only one who learned what proving is through this show.) It’s the perfect show to watch when you’re looking for some peaceful background noise or an hour of chill time.

Sadly, with only three seasons available to us on Netflix, Bake Off is pretty easy to breeze through. So, what do we watch now? It’s difficult to come across another baking show that encompasses the beauty of Mel and Sue’s punny sense of humor, Mary’s love for alcohol-infused desserts and Paul’s judgmental, “sparkling” eyes. Still, even though all shows can’t be exactly like our beloved GBBO, there are a few series out there that we can binge to tide ourselves over until Netflix puts up those other three seasons. So, even though we might have to live without lines like “soggy bottom” and “dough-verlode,” at least we have these shows to look forward to watching.

1. The Great Australian Bake Off

Not quite the British baking show we all know and love, The Great Australian Bake Off follows the same format at GBBO but with Australian home chefs. The judges may not measure up to Mary and Paul, but it’s definitely the calming and fun follow-up we need. Check out full episodes on YouTube!

2. The Great American Baking Show

Essentially an American adaption of Bake Off (with Mary Berry!), this American version doesn’t have nearly as many episodes or quite the same charm, but it’s full of amazing bakes and a calming air that just makes you wish there were more equally calming baking competitions on TV. Find full episodes on YouTube!

3. Masterchef (UK)

If you’ve ever seen the US version of Masterchef, this series is a little different in that it has a British twist. From the melodramatic music to the harsh judging and sprinkled bits of humor, it’s definitely worth a watch. Episodes of the show an also be found on YouTube.

4. The Great British Pottery Throw Down

With three distinct challenges and some cheeky hosts, it’s no coincidence that The Great British Pottery Throw Down follows the same format as Bake Off since it came on air not long afterwards. If you’re into ceramics or art and not super connected to the baking portion of Bake Off, give Pottery Throw Down a try and check it out on YouTube.

5. The Great British Sewing Bee

Also following the format we all cherish as part of our winding-down schedule, Sewing Bee is somewhat of a British Project Runway, if Project Runway was super chill and didn’t focus completely on clothes. From loveable mums to young and passionate sewers, Sewing Bee has everything you love about the atmosphere of Bake Off — without the bakes.

6. Skin Wars

By far one of my favorites on the list, Skin Wars doesn’t have quite the same level of chill as Bake Off, but definitely lacks the hectic panic of most competition shows. Not only that, but it’s artsy and original in a way that no other show on TV has been in a long time. From terrifying designs to classical paintings, every work of art is original and will definitely leave you rooting for more than one competitor. Find it on Hulu!

7. Face Off

Finally, just like Skin Wars, Face Off involves original body art challenges among competitors with a focus on prosthetic makeup. A test of artistry and skill, this makeup takes hours to mold and apply, making every challenge a true test of technique. While it isn’t Bake Off, Face Off is just as captivating and comforting.

Still miss Mel and Sue? I suggest rewatching all three seasons and reliving the glory days of Bake Off — as I admittedly have a few times — and maybe even spice it up by playing a game. Whatever you need to do to get your Great British Bake Off withdrawals to subside — binging shows, baking desserts — remember to make Mary Berry proud.