The Great British Bake Off Drinking Game

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for: The Great British Bake Off final! We honestly can’t call who is going to be crowned king or queen of the baking tent. Will it be Richard, Nancy or Luis? Who knows!

It’s bound to be nail-biting telly! Her Campus have come up with a perfect solution to break the living room tension… a GBBO themed drinking game! Yep, if you’re heading to Crisis tonight why not get your pre-drinks started with this!?


Rule 1. Drink when you hear any of the following phrases: ‘Soggy bottom’, ‘Under-baked’, ‘Under-proved’.

A recipe for a soggy bottom, Nancy!

Rule 2. Drink when you hear an innuendo. The ruder it is, the more you can drink – go on, we won’t tell!

Rule 3. Drink when Mel or Sue use a pun.

Rule 4. Drink when Mel or Sue use accents.

Rule 5. Drink when you see someone fanning their bake.

Rule 6. Drink if you see a contestant kneeling on the floor by the oven staring inside it.

Rule 7. Drink when you see Richard’s pencil.

Rule 8. Drink if Luis constructs a bake worthy of a 1st in Architecture.

Rule 9. Drink if Nancy calls Paul ‘the male judge’.

Rule 10. Drink if Mary’s love for booze-laden desserts is mentioned.


Rule 11. Drink if Mel or Sue steal any of the bakes!

Rule 12. Drink when you hear ‘STEP AWAY FROM THE BAKES’.

Rule 13. A contestant says they’re going to ‘wing it’.

Rule 14. CAKE DROP: Down your drink.


Have fun!



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