10 Fitness Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Instagram is a huge social media platform with over 400 million monthly active users. A large portion of those users are fitness Instagrammers, with tons of great advice and posts! So how do you sort through all of it and find the quality pictures? HC makes life easy for you - we picked out the 10 best fitness Instagrammers and their best pieces of advice.

1. Kayla Itsines - @kayla_itsines

Type of exercise: HIIT
Best piece of advice: “The term 'strength' has nothing to do with fitness and EVERYTHING to with mind set .... because strength comes from within.”

2. Cassey Ho - @blogilates

Type of exercise: Pilates
Best piece of advice: “All your problems aren't going to vanish once you get thinner because the problem is much much deeper than that. Work on getting stronger, work on becoming more confident, work on respecting yourself enough to make yourself happy.”

3. Karena and Katrina - @karenakatrina

Type of exercise: Tone It Up
Best piece of advice: “Nutrition is everything! Feeding your body clean and nutrient dense foods is so important for your metabolism, your health and keeping your body fueled and energized.”


4. Lindsey Vonn - @lindseyvonn

Type of exercise: Olympic Skier
Best piece of advice: “Everyone competes differently, has different motivations and different routines. There’s no right or wrong way. You just have to trust yourself and trust your instincts.”

5. Massy Arias - @massy.arias

Type of exercise: Personal Trainer
Best piece of advice: “Lift heavy, aim to build muscle and include strength training on a daily basis.” 

6. Misty Copeland - @mistyonpointe

Type of exercise: Dancer
Best piece of advice: “You have to have believe in yourself first and foremost. Surround yourself with people who are going to remind you of your value in those moments of self doubt and show you what you can’t see.”

7. Morgan DeYoung - @the_southern_yogi

Type of exercise: Yoga
Best piece of advice: “What I love most about yoga is there is no “top out.” There is ALWAYS something to improve on or get better at. There’s no start or finish. It’s just an ongoing journey.”

8. Aubrey Nolan - @aubernutter

Type of exercise: Crush Fit
Best piece of advice: “Bad days, we all have them. Some are worse than others. It’s how you deal with those bad days, those bad thoughts, those weak moments, that create a stronger you.”

9. Kara Goucher - @karagoucher

Type of exercise: Running
Best piece of advice: “Many runners are afraid to deviate from their training plans. But I think having fun is more important. Never be afraid to do the run you feel like doing if the one on your schedule isn't going to cut it.”


10. Sam Briggs - @bicepslikebriggs

Type of exercise: Crossfit
Best piece of advice: “Have fun. If you’re not having fun, why are you doing it…”