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Having a bad day is a normal thing to occur and it doesn’t have to be anyone’s business but your own. When I have an excruciatingly bad, I keep everything locked up tight inside of a small little bubble that is about to burst. That is probably one of the worst ways to deal with a bad day but do what you gotta do. I want to remind you to let yourself feel every single emotion on the planet; I promise it helps. Crying is usually my go-to since it releases so much happening at once but it can mean tons of different things.

I’ve recently gone to yoga and that felt freeing in a way where everything completely disappeared for a simple moment in time. Another thing is making playlists for yourself or simply looking through your streaming service to the emotions you feel. I don’t think you should bottle it up inside; find a way to scream it out. Sometimes simply resting is enough for me to take my mind off of everything. We are all different so it means we will all go at different speeds. Ignore what others feel like you should do and do only what works for you. 

Recently, I had a pretty bad day and it was non-stop tears that started in the Target bathroom. Luckily, nobody heard me crying in the bathroom stall but I sucked it up and walked out the door and back to my dorm. I then proceeded to call my mom and explain what had happened which I will not be explaining here. I cried more and more and then eventually had to realize everything was going to be okay. I went on a short walk and got some Starbucks. It felt nice to be on my own walking around campus and noticing things around me.

Sometimes I think we forget to take a step back when things are too overwhelming for us. This is something that I still have to learn about because it’s hard when all we wanna do is get things done. We need to take time to feel and there is never a so-called ‘right’ way to do it. If you wanna cry in a Target bathroom while you’re having a breakdown then all means go for it. Take a breath every once in a while and let it out. I promise that no one is going to judge you, and if they do, keep doing it anyway. 

I’m that girl who is very emotional and puts emotion into everything she does. I wish I could say it’s such a beautiful thing but then I would be lying to you. Now, I’m not saying that being emotional is a bad thing so if you relate to that on some level, there is absolutely no judgment whatsoever. Personally, I get too invested and reliant on my emotions sometimes forgetting that it’s okay to have a bad day. Life is extremely difficult and isn’t any better when fifty things are piling on top of each other at once all around you. It’s always okay to have a bad day, big or small. Remember to tell yourself that and don’t let it stop you from rising to the top.

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