5 Healing Crystals to Help Ease Your Hectic Semester

Crystal Culture is more than just a recent trend. This ancient form of alternative medicine can help promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. With the fall semester underway, stress is bound to come your way, but crystals can improve your days. Now that I got that clever rhyme out of the way, let’s talk.

It’s no surprise that we can become overwhelmed with our busy workload, class schedule, and everything in between, but it’s important that we nurture our well-being. Recharging the mind, body and spirit is beneficial for our overall health and energy, especially during the school semester. There is a variety of healing crystals, and each provides a unique benefit. So, here are some crystals that can help you get through the semester.


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This type of crystal helps maintain motivation, stabilize stress, and deflect negativity. Fluorite can strengthen self-confidence, encourage concentration, and aid in our decision-making. This crystal is all about positivity and good energy, and we all need some of that. Scratch that. We need ALL the good vibes we can get. 

Clear Quartz 


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This crystal can help you in a multitude of ways, but its key healing power is within your mental clarity and focus. The clearer the crystal, the clearer you’ll feel, overall. Crystal quartz can improve your concertation during study sessions and in-class lectures. It will also allow you to retain and recall information, be it at work or at school. 


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If you need to activate your spiritual awareness, cleanse your energy, or protect your emotional being then you need to get yourself an amethyst crystal. This beauty will help to purify any negativity in your life and safeguard your spirit during times of stress and anxiety. You will feel peace of mind, soul, and body; that serenity we all need during the semester. 

Tiger’s Eye


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Most of us heard about tiger’s eye at least once as a youngster, and the luck it can bring to our lives. This crystal is known to inspire success, bring harmony, and positively stimulate your ability to act and make decisions in your life. It is powerful and can help to relinquish your fears and unease, allowing you to be courageous and to feel happiness and enthusiasm.


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As college students, we all understand sleep deprivation. Whether it’s having to give up sleep to finish homework and study, or not feeling at ease enough to rest through the night; we’ve all been there. That is why you need a lepidolite crystal. This baby will help calm your mind and soothe your spirit. You will feel less stressed and more secure, therefore, feeling peaceful enough to get some good sleep. Colleges need to include these in the orientation packets. Can I get a petition started? 

These five crystals are only a few of the numerous little healing gems throughout the world. Give them a try and maybe this semester will be successful and serene…or at least manageable.