How much does it take to change your life? If you think it sounds insane, never fear.


Now that the semester is well underway, have you been keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions? Was this going to be the year you started going to the gym, but you can’t motivate yourself?

Well put down those french fries and grab your sneakers, because it’s never too late to make a change.

The gym might seem like an intimidating place, especially if you are new to the equipment or exercise routines. The solution? Find an aerobic class at Kiernan that will make you look forward to working out!  If you are looking for a class to make you sweat and see improvements in yourself, then clear your schedule for Tuesdays at 5pm, because you should come and try Insanity with me.

Yes, it is the Insanity that you’ve seen in the commercials on TV. But unlike the videos, there are moves in class for all levels of physical capabilities that will make you feel the burn. The class is more than just a workout once a week, as I try to make it a motivation to continue outside of class. Plus, we have upbeat music to keep us moving!

Insanity may seem impossible to do now, but from my own experience I learned that all you have to do is start. You’ll amaze yourself when you do things that you thought you could not do, because you can do it. 

So bring your water bottles, sneakers and a friend and leave the excuses behind! I will see you Tuesday at 5 p.m. in the aerobic room (upstairs dance studio) in Kiernan.  Be ready to sweat!