Spring Skin Giveaway: How To Go From Midterms Stress to Spring Break Bliss

So you just finished midterms, a two-week period of no sleep, no time to yourself, and no relaxation. Then, just as you turn in your last paper or last exam you’re supposed to...rush off to chill on some beach in a bikini? How are we supposed to feel ready to party with our friends after a week of living off of instant ramen, iced coffee, and pizza?

Well, that’s where the Her Campus Spring Survival Kit comes in. This year’s kit will help you transition seamlessly from the hot mess we become during midterms, to the cool bliss of spring break. All of the products from this year’s kit are from Innisfree, the #1 Korean beauty brand right now. Their products are infused with natural ingredients from Jeju Island. Innisfree ingredients are responsibly-sourced and naturally derived too, so you can preserve the environment while you preserve your glow.

Before you hop on the train or plane home for break, play some of your favorite relaxing music and use the ultra moisturizing sheet mask. I used this mask to treat myself after a big Biology midterm, and I definitely noticed more glow in my skin after I peeled it off.

If you look in the mirror during midterms and wonder if your skin will ever recover, the Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed is your answer. This serum is a powerful solution with amino acids and minerals, which instantly replenishes and locks in moisture from the moment it touches your skin.  Drinking green tea isn’t the only way to get its skin and health benefits. This serum has green tea extract, which actually surpasses the hydrating power of purified water. The green tea extract and green tea seed oil work together to make a dual moisture-rising technology which retains skin moisture longer. And plus, this serum has no parabens, synthetic colors, or mineral oils. Just ingredients from USDA organic-certified green tea fields, enriched by the island’s volcanic properties.

I would start using the serum and moisturizing cream ASAP to prep for spring break. Sleep deprivation, dehydration from too much coffee and not enough water, as well as stress all dry out the skin. I have oily skin and even noticed a lack of moisture in my skin during midterms. You can even follow up this new morning routine with one of Innisfree’s six sunscreens. They range in price from 9 to 23 dollars, so they can be purchased on a budget.

So how can you get your hands on these miracle workers for your skin? We're hosting a giveaway of sample size packs of all these products on Instagram and Twitter! All you have to do is follow us, and either tweet or comment telling us why you could really use the skin care help right now. If you're entering on Instagram, be sure to also tag a friend and have them follow us to win double the face masks. Once you run out of the products though, you can buy these products and more online at www.us.innisfree.com. Or better yet, treat yourself after your last midterm by picking up some of their products right near school at Innisfree’s store in Union Square, or in Midtown East.