The Stages of Midterm Week


It’s finally March! St Patrick’s day is right around the corner, Easter is on it’s way, and hopefully after these snow storms, Spring will present itself and kick winter out! These are all great things about this time of year, except for one thing. It just so happens to be…midterm week. This is the time when college students are the world are all struggling. Here are the stages we all go through during the dreaded midterm week.


1) Denial

It’s now been about a month into the new semester. You just go to class and then go home to watch Netflix. You may have homework, but the deadlines seem so far away. They keep getting put to the side because you believe time is on your side. This is all good and well, until your professors begin to warn you about the upcoming midterms.

2) Panic

Forget about the relaxation you were blessed with the last few weeks! Those days are over. You start to panic about how little time you have. You begin to wonder where the time went? Why your such an idiot? How all of this happened? You cram all the knowledge you can into your brain without it exploding.

3) Laziness

With all of the panic you’ve been through, you start to calm down a bit. Although, those little moments of relaxation turn into hours of relaxation. You resort back to the laziness you had at the beginning of the semester. Of course, you should be studying, but after your time of panic it’s time to take a breather and realize that time is on your side again, until it’s the night before your midterms.

4) More Panic

Your back to freaking out about midterms. Although, this time you are 24 hours away from your doom! You try to cram everything you can before you go crazy. This time you really start to wonder where things went wrong. You should’ve learned from the first panic. But this time, it’s time for midterms and there’s no time to feel sorry for yourself.

5) Relief

Ready or not, it’s time for midterms. It’s time to tackle them with whatever knowledge you have. You may go into this hoping for the best and surprising yourself or disappointing yourself. Either way, it’s such a relief to be done with all those horrible tests. Now it’s time to go back to the couch, put on some Netflix and relax... until it’s time to panic for finals.


Be careful that midterm week doesn't creep up on you!