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Womp Womp and Move On: Tips on Being Stress-Free in College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

As a college student, I have one motto in life that I swear by: Whatever happens, happens. This saying triggers a lot of people, but the people that get it, get it. You may one day realize you have no friends in college. Okay, then be alone or go talk to someone. You may realize that you had a bad test grade. Okay, so what? It’s not something to be sad about if you are never going to think of that grade again once you graduate. You tried to be a smartass and take 18 credit hours, and now you are stressed out about passing them. Well, you can always drop a class; nobody is stopping you but yourself. (Don’t mind me; I’m just self-projecting in the last scenario).

Life problems are really simple when you take a third-party view of them. Why are you stressing out about that person? Why are you stressing out about that class? Should you really be stressing out to the point that you are hurting your own health?

“Mental health and family above all things. Period.”


The minute you let go and take life for what it is, the minute you are free. So, to help you guys get through the rough struggles of college, I’m going to give you a list of things to go by to take your mind off of whatever is tweaking you out.

1. Talk to your family (if they start talking about school, change the subject).

2. Go on a walk and touch grass. People think this statement is a joke, but it truly does help you realize how big the world is and how small your problems are. Walking is also proven to help your blood flow and make your brain more creative and healthy.

3. Limit eating at Tuffy’s dinner or any fast food restaurants that don’t have a piece of greenery on them. I’m sorry, but whenever I eat food like that, my mental health dwindles into despair. Also, just eating healthier truly makes you think healthier.

4. If they ghost you, don’t go running back. You are setting yourself up for failure, girl. Remember: If they didn’t ask you to come, don’t ask about it, and if they randomly invite you at the last minute, don’t go.

5. Don’t think too hard about people. Everyone is very simple at the end of the day. They have their own problems they have to go through. So, just think about yourself and how you can grow.

6. If you are struggling in the class and the professor is an ass, do yourself a favor, save all your stress, and drop that class before the drop date ends. The college experience is tailored to you and customized by you. You can make that experience hard or easy, but at the end of the day, the people who choose easy still get the same degree as the people who choose the hard options.

7. Lastly (this is the biggest rule), at the end of the day, pick you before anyone else. Babe, it’s your life and your movie. Don’t let anyone control it!

Atashanie Burke is currently a writer based at NC State University’s HerCampus. Atashanie grew up in a Caribbean family that originally lived in Florida for a couple of years before moving to Greensboro, North Carolina. She finished high school at one of the many schools in Guilford County. She is currently a first-year student at North Carolina State University, majoring in business administration. Some of Atashanie’s writing work would be her research report on hair salons and how they work with different hair types. Some of the hobbies Atashanie has are reading, writing, and staying up-to-date on celebrity gossip. Her favorite singer is Ariana Grande, and she loves anything to do with K-pop. So much to the point that she gives out her Spotify playlist to anyone who’s interested! With her love for music, she also cares strongly about standing up for what she believes in. Discussing topics regarding what’s popular on the internet is her forte. Her drive to put her point of view into these discussions was the main reason she joined HerCampus. After graduation, Atashanie hopes that she will earn valuable experience in the work of writing for HerCampus and also be a badass businesswoman. In the future, she will continue to show the world who she is.