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A process. That is exactly what finding out what workout routine works best for me was. I have tried quite the handful of full-body workouts and a variety of sports, all to feel unmotivated and unexcited to do it again the next day. 

Lifting weights, running, volleyball, hopping on the stair master, and even pickleball. I attempted all of those and more, just to feel mentally drained leaving the gym. And although I periodically had fun doing those workouts, the main consensus was walking away feeling unhappy, thinking to myself, “Ugh I really don’t want to do that again tomorrow.”

That was until I called my mom walking to class. I told her about my problem, and how I felt unmotivated in the gym but was trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She told me how when she was my age in college, she took an indoor cycling class and absolutely loved it. The idea had never even crossed my mind and, to be honest, I didn’t even know it was an option for me at NC State. 

So, I took it upon myself that night to go online and find the workout classes available. 

4:15-5:00 tomorrow. Perfect.

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I signed up and was a nervous wreck walking into the class the following day. I didn’t know what to expect, I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to keep up with all the other people in the class. 

The nerves settled as soon as the class began. The instructor made it easy to adjust to the settings and learn the basic functions of the bike. I quickly learned what the little red knob at the bottom meant and what number to look for when she said, “Go up ten RPMs!”

Now ten cycling classes later, I can confidently say that I have found my workout. Compared to what I felt when participating in all those other sports and workout routines, I leave the gym excited and happy, feeling great about myself and having a clear mind.

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There are so many reasons why I have fallen in love with cycling at NCSU. Firstly, the classes are accessible to anyone and everyone. You work with your body to do what feels best, adjusting how fast you are going, how much resistance you are adding, and even when to stand up or sit down. This makes it an enjoyable experience for a variety of people: it is so flexible to your personal needs (which is truly important when finding what works for you). Additionally, it works on intervals, which I personally enjoy because my endurance is not the best. Cycling allows you to push, push, push yourself, all to then settle back into an active recovery and regain your breath. 

I could list the reasons I’ve personally enjoyed cycling on and on. But, this isn’t supposed to convince you to sign up for the class. Instead, it should rather be a source of inspiration for those who have felt how I have. 

Maintaining health is important, but it isn’t just about working out. It is about finding what makes you feel confident, excited, and ready to do it again the next day. For me, that was cycling. But for you, it could be something completely different. 

NC State has so many free options for students to try in order to discover what they love. 

The WellRec website has a list of classes going on daily that you can sign up for quickly and easily. Yoga, dance, body pump, and cycling (of course) are just a few of those options. Definitely check out ThriveWell also, as they have so many great events that encourage personal health and wellness. 

It’s all about finding what works best for you. And if its cycling, I’ll probably see you in class.

Emma Huber is a freshman at NC State University. This is her first year being a part of HerCampus! Emma was born and raised in Charlotte, NC with her family and dog, Finn. She enjoys shopping, drawing/painting, going to concerts, and traveling. She also loves to sit down to watch reality TV, especially Love Island! Although not majoring in anything related, Emma loves to write and is interested in pop culture, fashion, and personal health topics. As a college student, Emma intends to major in Textile Engineering with a concentration in Product Engineering. After graduation, she hopes to work for a clothing company designing sustainable and eco-friendly textiles and products!