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Maintaining Peace of Mind in the Midst of a Hectic College Schedule and COVID-19

So the first week of classes at NCSU has come and gone, leaving me, a college freshman and newbie, stranded in the midst of a hectic schedule of classes while balancing friends, drama, clubs, and my own self-care. Having been forced to rapidly adjust and “get a hold of things”, I’ve gathered some tips to maintain a positive outlook and “peace of mind” throughout stressful and crazy times.


Take time for yourself. I know, when you’re trying to balance a multitude of commitments, you likely think of yourself last. However, if you give it a shot, throw on some music, watch your favorite show on Netflix, or treat yourself to some Howling Cow! I can almost guarantee that you will begin to feel less stressed and more self-aware.


Lose sense of time with your friends. Once again, I know… it sounds crazy to spend a whole night with your friends or suitemates when you could be getting ahead on school work. But, taking time to lose perception of time and just have fun can really be a stress remedy for the soul. So, take time, laugh with your immediate “family” on campus (stay safe!) and be still for one night. Then, regain the hectic schedule the next day with a bit more of a clear head. (Pictured are my suitemates and I last Friday ready to take on the night to celebrate our birthday girl) 


Remember that it’s completely normal to feel stressed at times. Rest assured that everything will work out just fine. Maintain a positive attitude, keep your head up, remind yourself that college is a time to learn, and try new things! Now is the time to make mistakes and learn from them. Call or visit home, gain the strength you need to keep going, and push forward! Finally, remember that you are much stronger than you think!

Hi everyone! I am from Charlotte, North Carolina and I am currently double majoring in Marketing and Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. I'm so excited about this opportunity to turn my hobby of writing into something more!
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