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You know that feeling when you’re tired, but you just can’t sleep? Well, same. It’s the worst kind of feeling. Here are some tips to get some better sleep tonight!


Put down your iPhone – The blue light from your device prevents you from falling asleep. You should turn off any electronics at least 30-45 minutes before falling asleep.


Drink Tea – Drink some herbal tea (green tea, ginger tea, etc.). It helps relaxes and can soothe your body.


Take a shower – Like tea, warm showers can help you relax and soothe your tired muscles after a long day.


Get an oil diffuser – Oil diffusers are truly a gift. Buy some calming essential oils, like lavender, and the scent will definitely help you rest.


Read a book – Reading a good book will certainly help you relax after a tiring day.


Listen to calming music or sounds – Download or stream classical music or even nature sounds, set a timer, and you’re good to go.


Clear your mind – Don’t stress when going to bed. You need to clear your head. Think positively. Worrying will keep anyone awake.


Prepare for the next day the night before – Choose what you’re going to wear tomorrow. Make sure your bag is packed. This will save you so much time in the morning and who knows, you’ll get a bit more time to sleep!


Odyssey grew up in Ossining, NY. She attends Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY as a Junior. There, she also works as a Circulation Student Supervisor at her college's library. Odyssey enjoys social media, writing poetry, writing articles for Her Campus, designing posters, and playing volleyball.  Contact: Email: andrewso@student.mville.edu Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/odysseymaryann
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