Things to Know Before Your First Bikini Wax


1. You have to let your hair grow Beforehand

I know, in order to have less hair down there I have to have to have more hair down there? The irony. But if you don’t let your hair grow in, the wax has nothing to grab on too and therefore can’t pull the hair as effectively as you would like to have it. You should wait a good week or two since you trimmed or shaved in order to make your appointment or as my esthetician suggests: have your hair as long as a grain of rice.


2. Your bottom half will be Exposed

I know you need to do your job but like can I keep my underwear on? Sorry folks don’t work like that. Yes you need to be as naked down there as you think, and yes your esthetician is going to be working around and therefore touching around your butt and vagina. But have no fear, your waxer is a licensed professional so they are going to be focused on giving you an end result you love as opposed to judging you for the beginning look you arrived with. Let me put it this way: they just saw 10 vaginas before you arrived and they are going to see ten more when you leave, saying they got this is an understatement.


3. Wear comfy clothing

After your wax, your area down there is going to be a little sore maybe swollen or even a little red. There may also be some residual wax they missed. So paring all of those after symptoms with tight jeans/leggings and a sexy lacey thong isn’t the best idea. Throw on instead some loose sweatpants and some comfortable Cotton underwear. Save the sexy stuff for when your skin has calmed down and you’re ready for your Beyoncé power poses moments in front of the mirror (umm yes you will have those)


4. Avoid Strenuous activity immediately after

Oh yes feeling the burn from a great workout doesn’t pair well when your skin has just been tugged with hot wax and is slightly irritated. All the friction and sweat down there doesn’t sound like a recipe for a good time.

If you got the wax to show off your new look during sex, well that’s all good but that can literally rub you the wrong way (“ouch”). You should give yourself a good 24 hours until you do any strenuous activity. Don’t worry your hair won’t grow overnight. I mean you did pay and endure the pain so it would last right?


5. Yea it's Going to Feel AWKWARD

“Yea, I’ve tried that froyo place (AHHH) too” My favorite (“ughhh”) Is strawberry sorbet”. Not going to lie to you it is definitely a bit awkward when you walk to it and sit yourself on the table totally open (literally) waiting to have a stranger pour hot wax on you, especially if it is all done in silence. To avoid this the salon will normally play some music to distract you or your waxer may even create small talk with you to ease your nerves and create a comfortable environment.


6. It won’t hurt as bad as YOU THINK

Getting waxed feel just like taking off a band-aid. Only its all happening in your vagina and it's all happening at the same time. The whole process actually starts off pretty great: smooth warm wax on your skin you relax and take in the warmth, then she will rip off of you as fast as possible. The last part hurts but it only lasts a few seconds. Plus, the more you go, the less it will hurt because your hairs will grow out thinner. The key is to stay relaxed and calm. Do what you got to do girl. If that’s watching a show on your phone, creating small talk with your waxer or just closing your eyes you need to find your Zen state. If you scream or tear up a bit, don’t worry that’s normal too.


7. You don’t need to wax

If you’re stressing like crazy over this, know that you don’t need to be because you don’t have to wax your bikini line at all. You can just shave it if you want. Lots of women out there have never waxed and still strut out comfortably in their bathing suits or during intimate time. You don’t need to wax not shave if you don’t want too. In the end, you just do you girl and that includes your pubes.