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Over the summer, my life took a very big turn. My whole life I have wanted a breast reduction. After puberty, my breast grew to an unbearable size. When I was sixteen I had to quit dancing because of the overwhelming back pains. I couldn’t work out for more than 30 minutes without having to go home and put a heating pad on my back. I was gaining weight because it literally hurt to work out.


The only problem was that I was 16 and insurance would not approve the surgery until I was 18. It is a $10,000 so I had to choose between paying for the surgery or taking a year off from college because I wouldn’t have been able to afford both. I ended up choosing to wait two years and go to college on time. I remember crying in the doctor’s office at 16 dreading the fact that I had two more years of looking the way I did.


Finally, the summer going into my sophomore year of college, the surgery was approved. It was a very long journey. For anyone who is interested in getting this procedure done, it is a lot of doctors appointments, time and effort. At some points, you might want to give up because of the amount of work it is just to get the surgery approved.


But, once the surgery is done your life will be changed forever and it is very rewarding and life-changing. A few days after the surgery I tried on a bunch of my clothes that didn’t fit just right and the difference was insane. Shirts and rompers I bought and never wore are now staples in my everyday wardrobe. I have an endless amount of crop tops and I bought my first tube top. The littlest things meant so much to me. I have also already lost 15 pounds since the surgery. 


Overall, if you’re thinking about it. Do it and don’t hold back. Your life will change forever and you will have a new found confidence.

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