Self-Care in the Time of Finals

It’s the most terrible time//Of the year….

Or at least, having that mindset can help make it feel that way. Finals week is probably the worst time to be a college student, and with a lack of sleep, food, and sanity, your mental health can make a sharp turn for the worse these next few days. With this in mind, it’s even more important that we all jump on the #SelfCare wagon, at least for a little bit. Knowing how to relax in a healthy way during this time of stress, and what works for you, can be a lifesaver. Not all of us have our me-time the same way, but there are a few ways to help get you started.

                                                                                                               (Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash)

Good old-fashioned hygiene

I know. It’s hard finding time to take a shower when you’ve got three finals in one day and the first is at 8am. (Thank you, science department.) But this aspect of self-care is easily top three in what you should be regularly practicing. You know how you can make your bed and instantly your room looks 70% better without anything else being done to it? That’s what I feel like when my life is falling apart, but at least I smell good. Squeezing in a 10-minute shower, (or, dare I say it, a bath,) is an easy way to at least feel like you’re making some attempt at picking up the shambles your life feels like it’s currently in.


Call it what you want, but taking ten minutes to lie back and clear your mind is so incredibly therapeutic. Focusing your brain on what you need to accomplish, relaxing your body, and having a few moments to yourself may be just what you need to remind yourself that winter break is only four or five days away. Don’t know where to start? Try searching for a guided meditation on YouTube.

Dinner with a friend or partner

And if you’re smart, you’ll get them to pay for it.

Scheduled studying

Adding a little structure to your life may be just what you need this week. Knowing you can study for your biology final for two hours, then a break (read: Netflix) for one hour, then finish writing your presentation for another two hours might help ease some of the anxiety you’re having. Speaking personally, I know that when I’ve got 3pm-4pm set aside for screaming into the void and 7pm-10pm marked down as “crying inconsolably,” it’s good to know I have a block of time to use for practicing my final speech.

A nap

That’s right. Catch some z’s. Take a load off. Get some shut-eye. And in the immortal words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, “treat yo self!”

(Thumbnail by Becca Tapert on Unsplash)