How to Survive when Aunt Flo is in Town


You were able to leave your nagging Aunt Cindy and Aunt Jenny back home when you came to college. But the most bothersome aunt of them all, Aunt Flo, decided to schedule monthly visits while you're away.

Let’s be honest, periods suck. They make you bloated, your stomach hurts, you’re constipated, you’re moody and not mention you’re bleeding! When you first get your period while away from home, some may panic, but never fear, Her Campus is here! I have a couple tips to get you through that dreaded week of the month!

1. Be Prepared!

Knowing when your period is coming will make your life so much less stressful. Not all women ovulate every 28 days, that’s only the average! Knowing when you’re going to have your period will give you the ability to stock up on supplies ahead of time. Also, knowing that your cycle is longer than usual can calm your nerves the next time you're convinced that you’re naming the baby after Aunt Cindy.


2. Eat Healthy!

Yes, I know how delicious the crispy crowns are at Winslow, and yes, I know how delicious the wings are on Wednesday nights, but I also know that while you're on you period, salt is your body's worst enemy. Not only will salt cause your cramps to be even worse, but it will also make you bloat even more! Opt for the carrots and celery instead of the wings. (There has been research showing these two vegetables can actually decrease menstrual cramps).


3. Exercise!

30 minutes of aerobic exercise can cause you to release endorphins that have the ability to not only reduces but eliminate your cramps altogether! Not only that, but sweating can help to reduce some of that nasty water weight your body is holding onto! So hit the gym, jog a mile, do some squats. You’ll feel so much better.


4. Eat chocolate!

No seriously, eat chocolate. Dark chocolate specifically has actual health benefits! Also, when you’re on your period, eating chocolate triggers the happy hormone in your brain that can significantly decrease your cramping. Also, you can burn up to 300 more calories than usual while on your period, so you deserve a little treat.


5. Sleep!

Sleep has so many health benefits! Sleeping will help to regulate your crazy hormones, which will in turn regulate any mood swings that you’re experiencing. Also, sleep can help you to de-stress, so don’t skimp on it, treat your body right!


6. Heat it!

If you don’t do this yet, you need to start. Every girl needs an old tube sock filled with rice or a water bottle to throw in the microwave when Aunt Flo is in town. Sometimes the Midol just isn’t enough. Take 30 minutes to set your heat source on your stomach and relax. You’ll never depend on just Midol again.


At the end of the day just remember to take care of yourself. You only have this one body, be good to it! Next time Aunt Flo decides to visit, you’ll be more than prepared to make her visit as painless as possible!