First Semester Advice

The first half of the year flew by. Winter break went even faster and now we’re kicking off the second semester. After making it through the craziness that was the first semester, it’s time to reflect. College is crazy. On one hand, you are working harder than ever to succeed. At the same time, you’re struggling to do normal human things like breathe.

A lot happens in a couple of months. It’s insane what a short period of time teaches you. From roommates to classes to clubs, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Learning how to balance everything takes time and patience. And getting through the initial steps can be tricky. Why should I talk about the first semester, right? I just began college, how could I give any substantial advice? Yes, I still have a lot more to learn. But in all honesty, the first couple of months could make or break your college experience.


Since the first semester might pave the path for four years, it’s important to hear good advice. The habits you make, friends around you, and what you’re apart of means everything. So, good habits. It sounds simple but putting it into action is quite difficult. Eating and sleeping seems basic, but actually making the time is harder than you think. You cannot efficiently do well in school if you stay up all night and eat one meal a day. Taking care of yourself goes way beyond doing a face mask. Study and have fun. Schedule in “you time” and release some stress.

When I first began at Murray State, I was four hours from home and did not know anybody. Starting over isn’t easy… showing new people who you are and hoping they accept you. Wanting to find that person that you click with because the media says college friends are lifelong friends. That’s a lot of pressure. I met some friends immediately who I really thought were the ‘ones.’ It didn’t work out. Eventually, I did find my group. It’s okay to make changes. Take an experience and learn from it. Understand that who you surround yourself with 24/7 at college is so important. These are the people that will learn everything about you, keep you on track, and watch out for you during this journey. Make sure they are the right people.

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash


Go to new places and involve yourself in new things. Any college student will say how necessary it is to be a part of organizations. Network with people and professors in your department. Take time to focus on yourself – do whatever you need in order to stay motivated.