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Cheating is a very taboo subject for some people. Everyone seems to have different definition of the concept, but the overarching idea is simple: cheating is when one person betrays their partner’s expectations for a relationship.

Cheating is relatively difficult to define because of the types of contact partners feel is acceptable with other people. Some often-debated forms of “cheating” are:

  • Flirting with others

  • Engaging in any sexual talk

  • Denying being committed or in a relationship

  • Spending more time with specific people than partner

  • Sleeping in the same bed as another person

  • Chatting online (Tinder) with someone else

Some of these forms of cheating may seem to be too strict, or like they might put strain on a relationship. On the other hand, polyamory exists for those who oppose these boundaries. People in polyamorous relationships are usually open with their partner and maintain expectations that allow them to have personal relationships with other people. 

Many people also don’t enjoy defining cheating in order to keep the relationship rules ambiguous. This allows them to do things that may not be okay to other people or could potentially ruin their relationship. Discussing expectations is extremely important for those who want to enter into a relationship and be honest with their partner. 

Cheating is a very vague word, and most likely will be for a long time because of the increasing discrepancy between partner expectations in relationships.



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