How to Survive Midterms Week



Plan, Plan, Plan

Set time in your schedule to figure out what to study throughout the week. When you are juggling clubs, friends, other classes, and sleep, it is crucial that you make time for studying in the mix. A planner is a great tool for organizing and planning out your schedule.

Enforce Positive Talk

Midterms can be very stressful. For some of your classes, this could be the first written test of the whole semester. Instead of telling yourself that you’re going to fail or that you will never get through the work, talk positively to yourself. State out loud that you are doing your best and that everything is going to be alright. This will boost your mood and get rid of any negative thoughts that can make you more upset or anxious.

Take Breaks

After a long day of studying, make sure to take a break and find activities that have nothing to do with schoolwork. It is always good to hang out with friends or get off of campus all together. This way, you can fully relax!

Sleep is Important

Make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night. Sleep is important so that you can fully focus on your exams. Feeling foggy might make you forget important information you need for your test.

Treat Yourself

When midterms are over, make sure to reward yourself! College can be very difficult, and it’s important to embrace your hard work by going out, getting a special treat, or just by simply taking a very long nap.


Happy Studying!