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For many people, running may seem like a boring chore. And I get it, it’s hard. Finding the time in the day to go out on a run is time consuming, and it also might just cause pain. You put in your headphones, drag yourself outside, begrudgingly run a couple miles, and move on with the rest your day. It was during the beginning of my running journey that I started putting in a lot of miles, and at first it was rough. I would run a lot during the summer and the fall but getting back into it after winter is like starting the conditioning process all over again. To be honest, it did take some time out of my day and sometimes I lacked the motivation. It took time, but eventually I was able to develop a more positive attitude towards running and appreciate all the benefits. 


Here are a few things that helped me to see running as the best part of my day instead of something I simply had to do: 


  • Playlists 

    • One of the things I look forward to most when running is listening to new music I have added to my running playlist. I try to pick songs that are an upbeat pace in order to match my foot strike and speed while running. Pick songs that match your pace, whether that be fast motivating music or slower acoustic songs. I usually queue a certain amount of songs and run for the duration of that specific set.  You could even try to listen to a podcast or an audiobook! 

  • A Change Of Scenery 

    • After a long day of classes sometimes you need a change from staring at the screen all day. A good run can take you to a variety of different places! Personally, that’s why I prefer running outside rather than on a treadmill. Running is a hundred times better when you have a beautiful scenery to keep you busy. You could go running on your road, a rail trail, or a wooded trail. I always let someone know where I am or I go with a friend, so be mindful of running safety as well. 

  • Do it for how you feel, not how you look 

    • Viewing running as just a workout can be daunting at times. Many people use running to lose weight or stay in shape, but that’s not why I do it. During quarantine I felt stressed, depressed, and a little down on myself. So I started to get back into running for the benefit of my mind and I can go about the rest of my day with a clear mind. My advice would be to focus on how running makes you feel rather than the way you want to look. 

  • Relationships 

    • Although most people run alone, running with a friend or family member can be a great way to keep you motivated and have fun on your run. Throughout the quarantine season I would go running with my dad on a bunch of different trails. It’s a great way to bond and keep each other running even when we want to stop. We really push each other to keep running and have a positive attitude. We sometimes even see how long we can keep a conversation going while running just for fun. Try running with someone because it’s a great way to be social and healthy. 

Ultimately, running is whatever you want it to be. You decide how your run is going to affect you that day. What is the end goal of this run? Your run doesn’t have to be super fast or super long, just have a purpose for why you are running for yourself. Putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to run certain distances or times a week is the surest way to take the fun out of a run. So next time you go for a run, remember that you’re doing it for yourself! Keep a positive attitude, give yourself a break, and make every run a good one! 


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Amanda Thibodeau

Mt Holyoke '24

Intending to major in History and Education Just a girl who loves to listen to music and watch films
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