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How to Keep Going the Rest of This Academic Year

This past academic year has been challenging for everyone, to stay the least. Coming up on one year of online classes, I’ve been really feeling my energy levels falling and we still have a month left! Talking to other students, I have realized that I’m not alone in feeling this way. So here I have listed some strategies that work for me to help me keep going.


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Call a friend

Classes may keep us very busy, but make time to talk to a friend. This is something that really helps me relax. Talking to friends who are in a similar situation as me is great because I can vent to them and they’ll completely understand where I’m coming from. Having a support system is important and this is a great way to feel supported while still staying safe and getting work done.

Sleep well

Sleeping is not given enough credit, but having a good night's sleep has a great effect on my mood. Being able to sleep for long enough so that I wake up well rested the next day is something that I have found helps me in having a productive day.


Sometimes we forget to drink water, but our body and brain need water to keep going. So having a glass or bottle of water handy to sip from while you work is a great way to stay hydrated. I also find it useful when I feel myself getting tired.

Take time off

Taking time off for yourself is so important and helps you relax to continue on with the day. You can spend this time however you like. I like to nap or watch a TV show or even read a book. This helps me take my mind off work for a while and when I do get back to it, my mind feels more refreshed.

Set small goals

I find that setting smaller goals for myself is less daunting than setting larger, more ambitious ones. Focusing on a week at a time or a few days at a time is what works best for me and I chronologically organize the work I have to get done. Also, having a “done” list is a great way to feel good about the stuff you have done — no matter how big or small — and can help alleviate some of the stress your “to do” list may cause you (like mine does).

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I hope some of these tips help you to keep going and have a productive last month! Keep going! Not long now, summer is approaching soon.


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