Alternatives to Meditation

It seems like everyone nowadays is recommending different types of meditation as a way to relax, reduce stress, and clear one’s mind. Many claim that meditation comes with several benefits including improved grades, lessened cold symptoms, and help with sleep. However, meditation often requires sitting or lying still for an extended period of time while attempting to control one’s thoughts. Though it’s normal to have “easy” and “difficult” days when it comes to the focus needed during meditation, some people struggle to focus during every meditation session. In order for everyone to experience the benefits of meditation without having to have impeccable focus, here are some excellent alternatives!


1. Adult Coloring Books

Coloring is a relaxing way to unwind and flex your creativity. It’s an activity that doesn’t require much focus, so you can let your mind wander while coloring in your chosen design. Psychologists says that coloring is a great way to de-stress, and that it is a great alternative to traditional meditation. Not only will coloring help you relax, you’ll also get to keep whatever beautiful design you create!


2. Walking

Walking can be meditative depending on how you do it! The trick is to take shorter, pre-determined walks in the beginning. Instead of allowing your mind to wander, focus on the sensations in your body as you move. Focusing your attention on your movement can help improve the connection between mind and body, and can distract you from anxious thoughts.


3. Journaling

Taking just a few minutes everyday to do a free-write about your day can help you identify any stressors that you may have. The act of expressing yourself without filtering yourself can be meditative, since it allows you to give the critical parts of your brain a break. Plus, the resulting writing can be used to help you tackle whatever stressors may be holding you back.


4. Repetitive Crafts

Repetitive crafts like knitting, crocheting, needle felting, and embroidery can help slow your mind into a meditative state while also keeping your hands busy. By focusing on the repetitive movement, you can calm your mind and slow any hectic thoughts. And before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful piece of artwork, too.


5. Dancing

If you like to be as active as possible, dancing meditation is perfect for you. Try as best as you can to match your body’s movement to whatever music you’re listening to. And try not to judge your style of dancing too harshly. By allowing yourself to be absorbed by the music, you can “let go” of your stressors of the day and just “be”.

Meditation is something that everyone can benefit from, but traditional meditation can seem difficult and unapproachable for some. Hopefully these alternatives will inspire you to dabble in some sort of meditation, or help you create your own styles of meditation. Enjoy the relaxation!


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