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Spring has arrived in New England, and don’t try to tell me otherwise. While the temperatures may continue to dip below freezing and mounds of snow still line the streets, upon returning from a sunny spring break, I firmly decided that it was time for spring. Spring is amazing because it’s a time of rebirth and new beginnings, which can also include the start of good habits. Forming habits such as exercising is critical to living a healthy life. Exercising can improve memory, help you concentrate, relieve stress, and boost mood. Working out has also been linked to higher GPAs. Not to mention that it’s simply good for your body! I particularly love spring because it’s a great time to exercise outside and enjoy the outdoors. But for those of you who have allergies and are already cringing at the thought of sneezing your way around campus, there are plenty of indoor exercises as well! Keep reading to explore some ways to get active this spring!


1. Running/Walking around our Upper Lake Trail

The mile long trail that winds around Lower Lake is truly one of my favorite places on campus! No matter the time of year, the trees shadowing the lake are beautiful, and the shady path provides a bit of seclusion away from the bustle of campus. Try walking or jogging around the lake on a nice day. Bring friends to chat with, listen to the new Drake album, or just enjoy the day!


2. Walking around Campus between Classes

Fitting in exercise can be difficult, especially when you have the busy schedule of a college student. Try fitting in exercise when you have a few extra minutes in your day. We are so lucky to have THE most beautiful campus (no bias) at Mount Holyoke, so take advantage of it! If you have fifteen minutes between classes or need a quick study break, try going for a walk around campus. It’s a great stress relief and is much better for you than mindlessly scrolling through Instagram (no shade to Instagram).


3. Play a Sport

If you’re looking for something more social, try rounding up a few friends to play a game of soccer or frisbee. The beautiful green spaces are a great place to play when the weather warms up, which it will, and soon.


4. Working out with a Purpose

If you want to work out for a good cause try signing up for runs/walks that benefit a cause. Not only will you be able to exercise with many other people, but you’ll also be working out with a purpose! If there are no official runs/walks in your area, try organizing a similar exercise event with your friends. For example, organize a beach or main street cleanup. This way you can pick up litter and clean your community while exercising!


5. Drop in Classes

For those of you looking to get active, but for any number of reasons are looking for something indoors, never fear! Try one of Kendall’s many drop in classes such as pilates or Barre class. The best part — they’re free, so you’ve got nothing to lose. This is a great thing to try if you’re new to the world of working out and need a little more guidance getting started. The instructors are super knowledgable and are happy to help new students!


6. At-home workouts

For those of you looking to stay local, like really local, you can also work out in your own dorm room. How can I do this you ask? The beauty of the internet! Plenty of exercise gurus have posted at-home workouts online that you can complete in your own space, in your own time, and with little to no equipment. YouTube is a great place to start if you’d like to follow along to a video. One of my favorites is pilates instructor Cassey of Blogilates.

As you can see, there are plenty of easy ways to get active on campus this spring. The important thing is that you find something that you really enjoy so that you’re motivated to stick with it. This may mean that you need to try a few different things before finding the workout that works for you, and that’s okay! Happy Spring, MHC!


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