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Is your Hair Actually Damaged?

Do you have dry or damaged hair? 

This can often be hard to determine because both healthy and damaged hair feels similar in texture. Many people in return can feel frustrated and lost in what they need to achieve their dream hair. However, by understanding the difference you can figure out what your hair truly needs!


How do you test if your hair is dry or damaged?

To test the level of damage you want to perform an elasticity test. When your hair is wet pull on a strand gently to test the level of stretch it gives. A healthy strand of hair will only stretch 50% and bounce back to its natural state. On the other hand, if the hair stand snaps or stretches beyond 50% without the return of its natural hair state, the hair is damaged.

Like damaged hair, It is easy to test if you have dry hair by performing a porosity test. Take a small section of your hair and pull back. Hair that has a good moisture level will stay unbiased and go back to laying in its natural state.  If your hair stays teased, it shows that your hair needs more moisture. 


What products do I use for damaged hair?

If your hair is damaged you want to utilize protein and bonders. Hair is made out of a protein called keratin. Protein gives the hair the strength and elasticity to grow longer in a healthy way without breaking. Using a protein treatment will prevent hair from further damage. However, it is very important to use a protein treatment no more than 1-2 times a week. As protein adds up into the hair, It can cause stiffness leading the hair to break off easier. Bonders work differently than protein based products. Products that have bonds reconnect the bonds that are broken through damage. Unlike products with protein, bonders can not be overused. 


What products do I use for dry hair?

If your hair is dry, It is important to use products that are both moisturizing and hydrating. Hydrating and moisturizing products are NOT the same. Hydrating products allow for moisture to go inside the hair shaft. In other words, it works from the inside out. On the other hand, moisturizing products work from the outside in. These products help to seal everything in and prevent more moisture from leaving the hair. By using these two types of products, you can maximize the amount of moisture in your hair.


What products should I use if my hair is both dry and damaged?

With many products out there, it can often be overwhelming. Yet, these two tests that you performed  can help pick which products to use to achieve your dream hair. If you are dealing with both damaged and dry hair, target damaged hair first to ensure that the moisture  placed into your hair afterwards is maintained. Hair that is damaged often will have a hard time  retaining moisture no matter how many products you place inside the hair. 


You do not need to go buy many products to start this new hair journey. Start off with 1-2 products that will tackle your primary hair needs, then incorporate other products slowly.

Hello! My Name is Lauren Kim. I currently have a license in cosmetology and am a sophomore attending Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. My aspiration after college is to work in a sustainable beauty brand that empowers women.
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