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Before you I was never good at anything.

Before you I had four years of school followed by another four

and off I was going to be a doctor;

Before you there was no vision,

no clear map of where I was heading until you became my train and said

all aboard.


Before you I was stuck;

stuck seeing demons at home because there was no escape,

because home was where I had to be until my time ends.

Before you there was no caring how time moves until 

I heard your ticking and knew I wanted it to be the last thing I listen to - 

Before you my time was rushing at me like thunder chasing its lightning.


Before you I’ve never looked at a mirror without wanting it to shatter

until you looked back at me and said let it…

“Let it shatter and I’ll give you all the glue you need and wait for you 

to put her back together”

Before you I’ve never wanted someone to wait for her to be put back together…


Before your arms built the perfect walls I couldn’t dream of a home without the nightmares.

Before you my smiles were timed with the sun 

until your voice hit the perfect chord and became my sun.


After you I can no longer picture the before you.

Inas is studying neuroscience and minoring in peace and justice at Michigan State University. When not stressing over the next exam, she'll be writing poetry, dancing, or cooking.
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