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I know it sounds horrible; no college student wants to wake up early after hours of homework, a busy schedule, or staying up hours into the night. I would love to sleep in any chance I got, but I am so much more productive and happier when I wake up early.

When I started to wake up by at least seven in the morning or earlier, I noticed a lot of things had changed about me. My overall wellness, both mentally and physically, became better from waking up early and giving myself time in the morning. What I love most about my early mornings is that it feels like no one else is awake yet. It allows me to get more things done, like read a book, meditate, or check my email before the day starts. It is so peaceful and quiet, which makes me start my day with a peaceful mind.

With my physical health, waking up early gives me time to make and eat a good breakfast. In highschool, I would roll out of bed thirty minutes before I had to leave and most of the time, not even eat breakfast. Now, I can’t even imagine not eating breakfast in the morning. It makes me happier and healthier as I am not going hungry for a couple of hours or eating something processed and full of sugar. I also have more time to make my lunch for work, which saves me money and gives me a healthy option for food.

Having more time in the morning also gives me time to workout, whether that be an intense or a quick yoga workout. This makes me have more energy in the morning and, of course, get some exercise in before a busy day. It is easier to work out in the morning because most of the time at night you’re not going to want to go workout.

Healthier eating, being more active, and waking up early also makes me fall asleep faster and easier at night and have a quality sleep, so it does get easier to wake up in the morning. I recommend this to everyone because it has truly increased my overall wellbeing.

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