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Which MSU Football Player Would You be Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Have you ever wondered if you had something in common with the players on the field we watch from the Deep End every weekend? Turns out the boys in the Woodshed have astrological fates just like us, with zodiac signs ruling their personalities – and maybe even their game. It’s hard to think of these legendary players of our team as relatable to us, but we have the same star-fated traits as them. Everyone had to be born under the stars, even the biggest stars on campus. Let’s take a deep dive into the team and see which player you astronomically relate to the most based on their birthday and zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Connor Heyward

Connor Heyward, running back, has been named one of the five finalists for the Paul Hornug award, which is given to the nation’s most versatile player. He was also an honorable mention in the All-Big Ten league of kick and punt returners. If you’re an Aquarius like this player, you may be seen as progressive, being able to make continuous moves in the game to help the team play better. Aquarians are also independent, so Heyward is able to take the brunt of the pressure on himself when returning the punts solo. You and Heyward may also love to have fun with friends or even teammates. Aquarius signs loves risky business, which could allow for “money moves” to be made during the game. This sign also fights for causes and hates limitations, never backing down from the game or putting limits on success. Heyward and other Aquarius signs also dislike boring situations, meaning there’s never a dull moment in the Woodshed.

Pisces: Jalen Nailor

Jalen Nailor, also known as Speedy Nailor, is a wide receiver for the Spartans. He has been awarded Big Ten Co-Offensive Player of the Week, CFPA Honorable Mention Performer of the Week, and was part of the Midseason All-American Team. Jalen and other Pisces are seen as selfless, which means he would give anything for the team. Pisces are also compassionate, which Nailor proves by being called out by teammates for staying “humble” and being “great to play with.” Nailor and other Pisces are known to be more intuitive rather than observant, so this player follows his intuition and knows when to run when the play calls for it. Pisces also easily make strong emotional connections with others, which could help Nailor bond with his teammates and form a Spartan family.

Aries: Kenneth Walker III

The talk of the season is Kenneth Walker III. He is a top 3 contender for the Heisman Award. He was a unanimous pick for the Midseason All-American Team and was a Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week. Aries are known for their courage, which prove that taking risks on the field is just second nature for Walker. Walker and Aries are considered determined and confident, depicting that he never backs down from the hardest challenges with confidence. Aries also tend to be optimistic and always look forward to a win rather than a loss. Aries are creatures of passion, proving that Walker is passionate about the game and being victorious. Aries signs tend to take leadership roles, which is obvious in Walker taking the spotlight this season. Aries make sure to keep physical challenges in their daily life and dislikes inactivity, which means that Walker and Aries are always pushing themselves in both their everyday life and in the game.

Taurus: Jayden Reed

Jayden Reed is a wide receiver for the Spartans who earned the Paul Hornung Award Honor Roll for three weeks just this season. Like Reed, Tauruses are seen as reliable, which make good team players. They are also loyal and devoted, which helps Reed and others build bonds with teammates and stay committed to the art of the game. Tauruses also dislike sudden changes, which depicts Reed’s drive to keep the winning streak alive. Tauruses like Reed have also displayed signs of being uncompromising and stubborn, yet that proves the drive to win and inability to “take an L,” making him a more ferocious football player. Tauruses also dislike insecurity, knowing without a doubt that Spartans will take the day every time they step on the field.

Gemini: Jacub Panasiuk

Jacub Panasiuk is a successful defensive end that has been added to the Chuck Bednarik Award “Who’s Hot List,” and was awarded PFF Defensive Player of the Week. Geminis are adaptable, which is good for changing strategies in high stakes games like Panasiuk has to do. They also have the ability to learn quickly, which is important in playing any team sport. Geminis are restless, which proves that Panasiuk is not alright with just being okay during a game, but has to be his best the whole time. They also dislike being confined, which proves Panasiuk’s drive to keep growing and get better throughout the season. If you are a Gemini like Panasiuk, you may also be known to shine in team sports and be sociable in these settings, making for a great Spartan team player.

Cancer: Payton Thorne

Payton Thorne is the quarterback this season, winning the Manning Award for Quarterback of the Week and a spot on Davey O’Brien’s Awards for the Great 8 Performances of Week 3 of the season. Cancers are known for their tenacity, which makes Thorne a go-getter in the game. Cancers are loyal, which creates a successful teammate. This is proved by Thorne’s friendship with teammate Jayden Reed for years before playing together on the Spartan team. Cancers also care about their family and home, like our team and alma mater. Cancers can be seen as brave, fighting for the cause of winning for our whole community like Thorne. They are also dedicated, devoting their time and effort to keep working and practicing for the goal of all of the Spartans: victory.

Leo: AJ Arcuri

AJ Arcuri is an offensive tackle for Michigan State. He has earned Academic All-Big Ten accolades and was on the Senior Bowl Watch List. Leos like Arcuri are seen as creative, which can be useful for thinking on your feet during the game. They are also seen as cheerful, which proves Arcuri is always cheering for the team every game day. Leos also love to be admired, so Arcuri may love attention from our Spartan fans. Leos like Arcuri dislike being ignored, wanting to show off Spartan pride and prove that Spartans are here to win continuously and are one of the biggest names in football today.

Virgo: Matt Coghlin

Matt Coghlin is a kicker for the MSU football team that has beat the school record for the best kick this past season. He has also been awarded Big Ten Player of the Week. Virgos such as Coghlin are analytical, proving that the player is always processing and analyzing the game plays. Virgos are also hardworking, making sure that Coghlin and all the other players are always on the grind. If you are a Virgo like Coghlin, you may be considered all work, constantly readjusting and thinking about your day or game plan. All Virgos like Coghlin are also seen as practical, which could show that he is always looking for solutions to problems in the game, working towards a resounding “victory for MSU.”

Libra: Tre Mosley

Tre Mosley is a wide receiver who boasts 28 career receptions in his statistics. Libras like Mosley are seen as diplomatic and being able to work well with others, creating cooperation between the team. Libras are also deeply social and harmonious, which is best for team sports in working together towards a common goal. Libras have been known to carry a grudge, which allows Mosley to hold rivalry with other teams such as Michigan, pushing his game forward in a certain direction (like against the Wolverines). Libras dislike conformity, proving that Mosley wants the Spartans to be able to stand out among the competition. They also dislike injustice, which is a way to define a Michigan State loss this rival weekend.

Scorpio: Matt Carrick

Matt Carrick is an offensive guard, starting most games as right guard throughout his career. Scorpios and Carrick are known as resourceful, which is essential for gathering and honing the skills towards victory. Scorpios also display powerful attributes which are best for guarding. Scorpios are also known for being talented, which proves Carrick’s talent for strategy in sports. Scorpios dislike revealing secrets, so Carrick is the last person on the field to reveal any plays or game plans that the Spartans have up their sleeve.

Sagittarius: Cal Haladay

Cal Haladay is a linebacker for the team as a special teams player. Sagittarius signs like Haladay are idealistic, which means that he is always focused on winning and the best effort to put forward on game day. Sagittarius are also known as being outdoorsy, which is perfect for days focused on the field. Sagittarius are ones to take action as well, which allows Haladay to take charge of the game. Enthusiasm is also a common trait in Sagittarius signs, proving that Haladay is always excited for game days at the Spartan Stadium.

Capricorn: Mel Tucker

Tuck Comin’. Mel Tucker needs no introduction around Beast Lansing. This season he has led us to victory, creating a 7-0 winning streak. He has raised our status to #9 in the nation of collegiate football. He is the fearless leader of not only the football team, but Michigan State. Tucker fits the Capricorn traits well. Capricorns are naturally responsible, which is perfect for a coach that takes charge of a whole team. Capricorns and Tucker are disciplined, focused on the game and a code of Spartan honor when it comes to victory. Capricorns are depicted as good managers, proving that Tucker is a natural leader. Capricorns also value tradition, showing that Tucker values the Spartan tradition. They are also family oriented, allowing for Tucker to be the patriarch of the team. Most importantly, Capricorns like Tucker value quality craftsmanship, displaying his passion to “keep choppin’” in the Woodshed.

The football team and even their fearless coach all hold the same personality traits as us, created by the movement of the stars and the planets. Hopefully the stars reveal a Spartan win this rivals week. Go Green!

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