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What you Need to Know About Winters On-Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

After spending my first in-person year on campus I have learned a couple of things that I wish I had known before. Despite the winter wonderland aesthetic and beautiful views after a snowstorm, winters can be tough, annoying, and unmotivating. The slippery sidewalks, walking to classes through snow days, bus delays, icy cold weather to walk in, and crazy wind, are common things that make students dread having to get out of their homes. Here’s how I combated my winter laziness. 

  1. An umbrella is a must! A cute one for a stylish walk to class

People usually don’t like carrying umbrellas, including me, but trust me, it is worth it. I didn’t think I needed one and it has been one of my most used items during the winter. From snow or rain, it has got you covered so you can actually see when you’re walking instead of snow clogging your eyes! If you want to walk in style, buy a cute umbrella that matches your vibe! It will not only motivate you to use it more, but you can romanticize the weather and moment while you do ;)

  1. A waterproof backpack! Especially for your laptop

The smartest purchase I’ve made is a waterproof backpack. Definitely invest in one, you won’t regret it. With the amount of walking I’ve done to classes in bad weather I can now walk with ease knowing my belongings are protected and safe! Amazon has some good options.

  1. Thermal wear 

There are going to be times, whether it be at events, meetings, or classes, that you do not want to be wearing a big coat. Sometimes even a coat is not enough to keep you warm. I highly recommend buying thermal wear that you can layer underneath your clothes. Uniqlo’s heat tech clothing and 32 degrees usually have some good ones, but you can practically find them anywhere.

  1. Earmuffs & beanie

Earmuffs have been a life-saver. They make walking in the cold so much more comfortable and manageable. If there is one thing you should get from this list, it is this! I sometimes prefer earmuffs over a beanie depending on the weather because they perfectly cover your ears and keep you warm. Cold ears are just not it! I understand that wearing earmuffs isn’t always the most stylish, but when it’s super cold you only need them while you’re walking. For a more fashionable option, get a variety of different colored beanies to match your outfits!

  1. The perfect study spot, nearby of course!

If you’re like me and get lazy studying at home, find your perfect study spot near where you live the minute you’re on campus! By near I mean a max of an 8 min walk that is reliable. Explore different options and try new buildings/places that you would have not gravitated towards. This will be super helpful during the winter.

  1. Comfy boots & Leg warmers 

This is a must. Especially for walking in the snow and it gets into your boots. Wear thick socks, pants that cover over your boots, and invest in leg warmers! If you’re walking a lot on a cold day and your legs get numb like mine. This is for you! Plus, leg warmers can be made to look stylish over your leggings/jeans or hidden under your pants. Amazon has them!

  1. A thick scarf 

You need a THICK scarf. I usually wear scarves for the visual, but they’re usually the thin ones that are not meant to properly keep you warm. Invest in a thick scarf that can completely cover your neck and keep you warm!

I hope these help and remember to wear your mask while walking because it saves your nose! Let’s get through winter together and remember not all of it is bad, go out and enjoy the beautiful scenery! 

Bhavya is the Head Director of Social Media for MSU's chapter of Her Campus. She is a junior majoring in Microbiology with a minor in Environment and Health/Bioethics. Her writing interests include: lifestyle, beauty, health, and wellness.