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Zoom screenshot of my interview with Julie Nolke
Zoom screenshot of my interview with Julie Nolke
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What To Do In Your Long-Distance Friendship

Most college students have a friendship that means a lot to them, but they can’t see each other as often as they want. Most of us have friends that live in different countries but that doesn’t mean it should end. There’s different things you can do to stay in touch and still think they are here with you. They may not be the same, it definitely won’t be the same but it could be a test to see how pure the friendship is. 

We live in a time where technology is all around us and we can use it to our advantage, but we shouldn’t only rely on that. When it comes to staying connected with your friends, have weekly meetings where each of you dedicate a bit of your time to catch up on what you did during the week, maybe do this while having some drinks. It could give you the feeling of when you would go out every other day to catch up, just changed virtually. 

Another thing could be sending daily vlogs on Snapchat – don’t hate it until you try it. Take a bit of time during your day to sit and send them videos of what happened and that way they have something to listen to or watch as they go through their day. It’s like having your personal podcast that you can look forward to every day. Call them up every so often to ask what they are up to or what they did. If you guys are very into movies or video games, set days where you call each other and do these things together. It will feel practically the same as when you played together back home. But sometimes we don’t want to be connected on our phones 24/7 or we want to do something more personal. Maybe your way of showing appreciation is different.

In that case, you can agree with them to send each other care packages or maybe a gift when they have a bad day. These types of gestures really do say a lot about a friend. Giving each other care packages such as candy, letters, or just any silly thing can really help you look forward to seeing them again and still make you feel connected. Sending random Doordash orders to their house could also be fun. You could send them their favorite dish from their favorite place and I promise you that would make their day. There’s endless things we could do for packages that will mean a lot to them. 

The distance can be hard for friendship, but sending reminders of how much you still care about them is so important. Sometimes it’s easier to think that they’re still here but just don’t have time to hang out with them. Eventually, when the years go by, you can come back to these memories and remember how fun and worth it this was. You’ll also realize how true the bond with this person is and realize that the time you spend with them was always worth it. 

I am a sophomore from Puerto Rico going to Michigan State University to major in Psychology. My goal is obtain a phD in Neuropsychology or Clinical psychology and open my practice to help children and people who need help.
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