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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

In high school, the yearbook staff asked me what superpower I’d rather have and I told them invisibility. If they asked me that same question today, my answer would be drastically different.

I think it all comes down to the idea of you want what you don’t have. Now that I have achieved the power of invisibility, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. 

The invisible I’m talking about is being in a room full of people who know your name and know what you’re studying in school, but don’t know you’ve never been in love or that you used to be obsessed with the Wiggles when you were a little kid. They don’t know that when they don’t acknowledge your presence, it makes you second-guess everything about yourself, including the parts of yourself it’s taken years for you to accept and love. Their eyes go right through you like you’re a ghost, and they rip the self-love out of you just like that and you’re stuck having to start all over.

That’s where I am right now. I’m the one who reaches out first, second, and third, but those text messages go to an alternate dimension because I never get a response. 

What would happen if I just stopped texting?


Sydney Savage is studying psychology and creative writing at Michigan State University. Part of her novel called "I Love You More Than Me" is published at Red Cedar Review. An excerpt of her other novel, “Just Let Me Go” is published at Outrageous Fortune magazine. At MSU, she’s an editor for Her Campus. While not writing, blogging, or reading, she’s part of the MSU Peer Body Project and gives presentations on the media's impact on eating disorders. She also works as a current Mental Health Assistant in Livingston County, and enjoys helping people in areas of mental health and body image. She love to write about these themes in her works and hopes to make them more open in the market. She took this mindset to the Arthouse Literary Agency, where she was a social media and editorial intern. You can read some of her works on her personal blog and website: https://sydsavage13.wixsite.com/sydwriter13 Her twitter is @realsydsavage13 and her writing insta is @sydwriter13