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After living in East Lansing for four years and also having a great love for food and trying new things, I have been fortunate enough to try a lot of restaurants in the area. Most restaurants a lot of students know about because they are good, and information about good eats spreads really fast, but there are a few restaurants that I feel deserve more hype. 

People’s Kitchen 

People’s Kitchen, though expensive, is a great place for date night or to go with your parents. I have been only two times, but both times, the chef has blown me away. They have rotating menus, so their food is ever-changing based on what is in season and what the chef comes up with. People’s Kitchen puts a twist on the American classic, and you are guaranteed to leave satisfied. Go for a visit before their menu changes to taste their goat cheese gnocchi and wild mushroom puff. 

The Soup Spoon 

As a major fan of soup, I can positively say that The Soup Spoon has the best seafood chowder in the area. They have their famous soup flights that lets you taste four of their rotational soups. They also have a Voodoo pasta that is my go-to and is creamy, but not too rich. 

Uni Sushi and Ramen 

East Lansing restaurants do sushi pretty well, but Uni Sushi and Ramen has fun and crazy rolls, while also keeping the price relatively affordable for college students. Their lunch combo is a good sushi deal, and they also have very flavorful ramen broths that they brew for 12+ hours. Whether you’re craving teriyaki, sushi, or ramen, this place has it all. 

Udon Sushi 

This place is one of my favorite places to visit solely for the owner of the restaurant. The owner genuinely makes an effort to bond with all of his customers and has been running his small restaurant for many years. They have their menus on the ceiling, fun seats and decor, and even cool games on the table to keep you occupied. Everything you order also comes with side dishes, such as kimchi and potato salad. 

Koala Bakery and Cafe

Even though this place is technically more known for their drinks and delicious desserts, it has amazing food as well. I specifically like their fried oysters, shrimp fried rice, and volcano shrimp. Having to have fast and delicious food while also being able to get bubble tea is a major plus. 

Campbell’s Market 

This place is a small grocery store but they also have delicious sandwiches, soups, drinks, and salads. I personally love their grilled cheese and soup combo. This place definitely has the best tomato bisque I have ever had, hands down. 

East Lansing has many delicious foods catered to college students. My number one advice is to go to these new places with friends, and do not just stick to one of your favorite places.

Hello! My name is Greta Shaw and I am currently a sophomore attending Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. I plan on going into marketing and to use my Chinese communication skills to work internationally.