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Trendy Halloween Costumes College Kids will be Wearing this Year

Halloween is only a month away, so college kids are already on the hunt for their outfit this year. Halloween is the one time of the year that you can be anything you want. If you’re like me, I love finding new trends for Halloween costumes. So keep these costumes on the down low if you want to stunt on all your friends! 


If you haven’t heard, the fairy costume look is already on the rise for Halloween 2021. This costume can be very simple and can even use some clothes you already have! Try looking for pastel and light color dresses, tops, pants, etc to complete the look! The one accessory you might need to purchase is the fairy wings. Look on sites such as Amazon, Party City, etc for this! I think we’ve all wanted to be a real-life fairy at some point in our life, so Halloween is the chance to make it real.

Jennifer from Jennifer’s Body

I’m sure you’ve already seen the rave of Jennifer’s Body all over Tik-Tok, but if not, this costume is one to get! Megan Fox plays the character, Jennifer, who eats boys while looking extremely fashionable. Her wardrobe consists of puffer jackets, a cheerleader uniform, a prom dress, mini skirt, and more! This iconic character is one to dress as this upcoming Halloween. 

Space Cowgirl: 

Yes, this trend has been going on for years now, but what’s not to love about a cowgirl from space? It’s the best of both worlds! A space cowgirl is an easy costume that will have you glowing wherever you attend your halloween at. Some accessories you might need are cowgirl boots, cow print clothing, silver or neon jewelry, and maybe a cowgirl hat to top it off! Channel your inner space cowgirl this Halloween! 

Bratz Doll: 

The Iconic bratz doll can be done just from a few simple accessories and clothing choices. Either by ordering a signature “Bratz” shirt or putting together a piece that illustrates their classic looks. A bratz doll look is sassy, moody, and original. Keep in mind these traits when creating this look!

Poison Ivy: 

For all my redheaded girls out there, this look is definitely made for you. Even if your hair color isn’t red, wigs can also do the trick! Poison ivy can be a fun, creative look for this upcoming Halloween year. Dressed down in all green, this look is very manageable. Find some green clothing and top it off with some leaves for the perfect look. 


I think any chance you get to wear leather, you should take the chance! Catwoman is another iconic character that can be easily done. All you need is some cat ears and leather clothing! This look is sexy and classic. 

Whatever you choose to be for Halloween, make sure you have fun and be safe while looking fly!

Chloe West is a Junior at Michigan State University studying journalism and public relations. She writes for VIM Magazine, the Spartan Newsroom and Her Campus MSU.
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